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Autumn 2020
38 photos
These have been taken mostly in the Irish Hills in southern central Michigan. Some were taken on a long weekend in the northern-lower part of Michigan, mostly around Kalkaska and Mesick.

Watercolor Potential
47 photos

Kentucky and Ohio
16 photos
In October of 2019, Michigan being rather cold, Tim and I decided to go south. First we went to Kentucky and stayed in Kincaid Lake State Park. The park was very nice, except they hadn't had much...

The UP of Michigan in October
69 photos
In 2018 we spent the first week of October in the UP, camping.

Air Show
15 photos

The Train Trip
40 photos
My friend Diane won a passenger train trip from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Vancouver, British Columbia, through Travel Manitoba. She invited me along. We traveled well in sleeper plus class on VIA Rail,...

Most Interesting
40 photos
According to the Explore page, these are the top 40 most interesting photos from my stream. Personally, I think there is a lot left out. Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 7th...

Twenty-five or More Favs
127 photos
These are the top faved photos from my stream. All of them have at least 25 favs from my fellow Flickrites. As of October, 2006, they are in order, starting with the red oak as the top faved.

A Michigan Portrait
245 photos
Photos gathered for a friend who needs photos representing Michigan. Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Detroit Auto show, sand dunes, Indian Lake fishing, Kayaking Superior,...

Autumn 2017
18 photos

5 photos
This eclipse on August 21, 2017 from Michigan near Flint

Riptide Tour
13 photos
In Munising, Michigan, you can take Riptide Tours - small, fast, fun boats that take you up close and personal to the lesser-known rock formations of Grand Island.

Vacation Upper Michigan 2017
34 photos
Twelve Mile Campground at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan on Lake Superior. Also Bay Furnace Campground west of Munising - hiking, kayaking, waterfalls, rocks, and sunsets.

Spring 2017
17 photos

Birds in the Wild
352 photos
I have several albums featuring birds, but this will be just random photos that don't have any other home.

Winter 2016-17
2 photos

Musi May
15 photos

Spring Snow
5 photos

The Chickies
42 photos
Being empty nesters, my husband and I needed a new project. We decided on chickens and promptly converted the garden shed into a coop and the covered firewood pile into their run. Having fun with...

October 2015
42 photos, 1 video
With a little September thrown in.

Toby the Cat
55 photos
Yesterday (Sept 4th, 2015) Toby died. He had a very large cancerous mass in his abdominal area. I have put these photos together to remember his life. He came to use in 2009 as a three week old...

Weather Menu
170 photos
Order up whatever you like. Most of these photos were taken in Michigan.

Winter 2015
14 photos

Lucy the Weim
75 photos
Today my heart is twisted with sorrow. Lucy will not be with us tomorrow.

Color Tour 2014
34 photos
Tim and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary by heading north and enjoying northern lower Michigan, the Mackinac Island.

Autumn 2013
25 photos

Colorado Vacation 2013
52 photos

Wyoming Trip 2012
138 photos
My friend Diane and I drove west this summer. We visited the Black Hills, then continued on through Wyoming to see the Tetons and Yellowstone park. On the way back we drove highway 14 through the Big...

Fall, 2012
44 photos

Upper Lower Michigan Fall Color Tour
67 photos
In October of 2011in celebration of our 27th anniversary, my husband and I went to Art Prize in Grand Rapids. Afterwards, instead of going home, we headed north to randomly wander the northern roads...

76 photos
The little things most people don't notice.

The Snowflake Project
77 photos
I have decided to search for two snowflakes that are exactly alike. I won't be able to look very often, because snowflakes this large and perfect are rare. Addendum: This set was featured on the...

DILO March 20, 2012
11 photos
Dilo stands for "Day in the Life of..." Thre is a group on Flickr that does this on soltices and equinoxes. I didn't have time to take photos at school this day, so this isn't the most...

Black & White
38 photos
Created for my photography class.

Creation Illustrated Spring
43 photos
For Tom Ish, if this is okay.

The Field in Summer
47 photos
This field is a plot of approximately 10 acres just south of where I live. I discovered its beauty in the spring of 2006 and began taking pictures for a set in June. Our neighbor owns the...

Art Prize in Grand Rapids
30 photos
As an anniversary trip, Tim and I went to "Art Prize" in Grand Rapids in October for a couple of days. These photos were taken towards the end of the event, some after the winners had been...

Portrait of a River
140 photos
Because the River Raisin is in my back yard, I have many images of it in all seasons and all lights. I decided to tag them RiverRaisin and put them together. BTW, the River Raisin holds the title...

11 photos

Winter 2010-11
12 photos
I'll keep adding to this throughout the season.

Winter Wonderland 2006
14 photos
Low on Snow this year, but that may only keep this set from getting too huge.

Winter Wonderland 2008
37 photos
On New Years Eve it began to snow. By New Year's Day, the world was white.

Winter Wonderland
32 photos
Besides the obvious benefit of getting me out of school for a day, snow gets me out of the house and is aesthetically pleasing.

Spiders on the Web
47 photos
I'm getting quite a lot of spider and web pictures, so I think I'll make a group. All shots taken in Michigan.

Autumn Leaves
84 photos
Autumn is this big blast of color just before the dead gray of November sets in. I love it.

Hidden Lake Gardens
82 photos
Every year I take several trips to Hidden Lake Gardens to enjoy the beauty there. I also take a lot of photos. Located west of Tecumseh, Michigan on Hw 50, it costs $3 per person to enter.

95 photos
RIP Callie: born April 27th, 1994, to Isabelle. Passed quietly in her sleep December 26, 2011, age 17 years and 8 months; She lived a long and healthy life, for a cat; caught many mice and birds;...

Michigan Barns
67 photos
Barns are gradually disappearing. They are expensive to maintain, costing anywhere from 15 to 20 thousand dollars to put a new roof on, or at least a couple of thousand dollars to protect with a coat...

Country Scenics
139 photos
Just stuff from around where I live.

Senior Portrait Collection
35 photos
For me, my kids' senior portraits were very important. First, they are the trophy that you get for raising a kid and having them survive childhood. Secondly, you have this sense that they will be...

27 photos
Occasionally I will take on a wedding job. It's hard work, but kinda fun.

The Dragonfly/damselfly Collection
36 photos
I really like dragonflies and their smaller versions, the damselflies. They come in so many different varieties and colors, and they look scary, but are totally harmless. AND, best of all, I've...

Adventures With Diane
97 photos
Photos taken when traveling with my bestie Diane.

Wild Flowers of Michigan
56 photos
I've taken enough of them - I ought to make a set. Wild flower definition: flowers growing naturally; not deliberately planted by people.

Garden Flowers
74 photos
Flowers that are not wild.

Say Ya to Da U.P.,Eh?
26 photos
August '05 vacation. We rented a cabin on Indian Lake near Manistique. The kids each took a friend. We played.

UP Vacation 2009
40 photos
We camped at Pete's Lake National Park, and from there we roamed the area, visiting waterfalls, kayaking Lake Superior, exploring Seney National Wildlife Refuge, and taking short hikes.

11 photos

Lucy and the Kitten
38 photos
At church on Sunday a friend of mine asked if school was out yet for me. I said yes, as of last Friday. She said, ‘Great! How would you like to nurse a 3-month-old kitten for me?” A friend of...

29 photos
These are posters using my favorite quotes with photos I took. They were made with fds Flickr toys. (flagrantdisregard.com)

Butterflies and Moths
37 photos
How did God think of these things? They are like flying flowers.

Same Spot, Different Days
36 photos
I don't know how this got started... A neat way to look at it is to view it as a slide show at a rate of about 3 or 3.5 seconds per photo. One photo seems to blend into the next.

One Friday Morning
14 photos
Do cats and dogs talk to each other? You bet! Here's proof!

The Robin's Nest
27 photos
This summer a robin pair built their nest in the forsythia bush next the house and below our deck. Not only was this a fairly safe place because it wouldn't be easy for a cat or raccoon to climb the...

Vacation in Minnesota 2004
27 photos
Family vacations - one of the best things in life.

Vacation in the Upper Penninsula
20 photos
Michigan, my own state, is one of my favorite places to vacation. Over the years, I've discovered all the best places to camp. But this year, we went to the Porcupine Mountains State Park for the...

Muskallonge Lake Vacation
45 photos
August 19 - 26, Michigan, upper penninsula.

Da Baby Birds
13 photos
Following the progression of a robin's nest from eggs to leaving the nest.

Early Spring in the Woods
19 photos
I went for a walk in the woods yesterday. Spring arrived two weeks ago with none of the tentative teetering, peeking in and out that it normally does - it just walked in the door and stayed.

One Morning in July
14 photos
On the morning of July 14, 2006, I forswore my bed to head out at 6 a.m. because in Michigan in the country, there is no time more lovely.

Making Pie
22 photos
My daughter Emily decided that she and Ariel would make traditional American pie for their hosts in Australia. Oh course, they don't know how, so I created this set for their instruction. Tim's...

Genessee County Fair
18 photos
North of Flint in Michigan - Tuesday

Long Ago
23 photos
Treasured family photos of days long past.

The People of the Village
17 photos
In May of 2010 I chaperoned a group of high school seniors on a part-mission-part-fun trip to the Dominican Republic. On our third and fifth day there we visited a village in which most of the...

Photography Class
7 photos
I'm teaching a two week course in Photography to teens. These are the photots I take during the course. We are using Flickr to see, comment on, and evaluate each other's work.

The Fourth of July, 2007
21 photos
While waiting for the show to start, I amused myself by taking clandestine telephoto shot of the people around me.

DILO March 20, 2006
14 photos
Busy day at school - I didn't have time to take too many shots.

DILO June 21, 2006
19 photos
My "day in the life of" was not too eventful, other than it was a day of storms. I woke up to the music of thunder and went to bed to thunder in the background.

Day in the Life of - Dec. 21 2005
26 photos
Four more days before Christmas...

Thanksgiving Day Snow Walk
17 photos
Woke up to snow on Thanksgiving. I was so glad I didn't have to work so i could go enjoy it!

River Swim
13 photos
The essence of summer - hot day, cool river, and time.

41 photos
My son turns eighteen on Tuesday. This is his life sofar.

Misty Morning in August
22 photos
I woke up early and saw that cool air and warm earth had created a potentially beautiful morning. I pulled on my jeans and a t-shirt and headed for the back roads...

7 photos
Everyonce inawhile when Ihavetime and whenIgetinspired, I makeaseries ofdrawings and thereitis.

Sunrise, Sunset
126 photos
Some people think photos of sunrises and sunsets are just provincial thrills, but to me there is nothing deeper and more profound than the leaping of one's spirit at the paint box of lit Heaven...

Watercolors by Piper
24 photos
Why not?

Lucille of Featherstone
30 photos
I guess I have enough of Lucy in here to organize them together.

Tripod Willie's Thanksgiving
9 photos
My in-law's three legged cat.

Basketball Action
15 photos
I deliberately took photo of the last home game of the season with no flash just to see what I could come up with. This is the result. some are pretty good. And, oh yeah, we won.

Cozumel, January 2004
14 photos
In January of 2004, our family took the money we were saving to put a deck on the back of the house and blew it on a trip to Cozumel, Mexico. These are some of the shot from that trip.

Visiting the Dominican Republic
24 photos
The senior class to which I am advisor chose to do a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in March. On the trip I had the opportunity to meet with Flickr friend Tania.

One a Day
62 photos
I'm not sure this will actually happen, but I have decided to take at least one picture every day in 2007, so by the end of the year I have 365 photos. I will try and make them good ones, but that...

74 photos
I was commissioned to get some shots of this small Michigan village for a publishing company. It was not easy.

The Wild Goose Chase
8 photos
One night when Lucy and I went down to the river, there was a family of Canadian geese - male, female, and five very young goslings - swimming placidly down the current.

Women Playing Cards
9 photos
This New Year's Eve the men started in on Euchre in the kitchen, so the women started playing Hearts in the livingroom. While we were playing, I got out my little point and shoot and began taking...

Rear View Mirror
8 photos
I'm getting a little carried away with this mirror I found at a barn sale. This collection shall grow.

Great Smokey Mountains National Park
30 photos
Just about a year ago (April 2004), I was chaperone to the seniors on their trip to Piegeon Forge, Tennessee. Two days we drove and hiked the park. The scenery was so beautiful that I just had to...

How to Be a Successful Student
16 photos
The best way to get kids to read the rules is to combine them with something they like. Hope I don't get sued for this.

DILO Sept. 22, 2005
49 photos
DILO stands for "Day in the Life" and is linked to a group in which the members record the day in images and create a set that tells the story of that day in their life. Since Flickr people...

"A Day in the Life" December 21
24 photos
Not a typical day, this winter soltice. No school, and getting ready for Christmas...More photos later.

DILO June 21 2005
19 photos
I actually forgot it was a Dilo day, but I have enough photos to share it anyway.

Saline Fair
22 photos
A Hometown tradition for over 60 years. The Saline Fair has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It was there I saw blue ribbons won for high quality work. I was there I learned...

Ann Arbor Art Fair 2005
17 photos
Famous and very big, the fair is a draw for the top artists from all over the world. But you have to be able to endure crowds, heat, and tired feet.

Family Gathering
13 photos
Last summer we were invited to join the Peppard family gathering at the cottage. Aunt Lolly played the piano and I was especially enjoying this cute litte girl who found her own amusements.

Election Day 2004
6 photos
I felt that this would be a truely historic election. There is so much going on and our canidates are so opposed in their views that the outcome would affect history more than it ordinarily might. ...