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User / Wayne Pinkston / Mauve Mushrooms
Wayne Pinkston / 606 items
Mauve Mushrooms: I hope to bring viewers a glimpse of beautiful landscapes that they may never get to visit. This area is special in day or night, but you can see a lot more during the daytime, lol. This is another of the fabulous white canyons of Utah. They are off the beaten path and path finding is mostly free form, although there are a few poorly demarcated paths. In this location erosion has cut down into the white under surface leaving caps of beautiful mauve-vermillion colored stone. A nice feature of these locations is they are rarely visited. Including day and nighttime I’ve been to this location maybe 7-8 times and never seen anyone that wasn’t with me. It’s best to go with a companion or take a satellite phone because if you get injured you might not get found for days. Actually, it’s best not to get injured, lol. __________________________________ This is a stacked blended panorama, meaning that the foreground and sky were exposed separately, but during the same night (back to back) from the same tripod position, and them the sky and foreground re-combined with software. This is a real scene. Sky: Stacked, 24mm, f/2.0, 10 sec., ISO 5000. Foreground: Stacked, f/1.4, 30 sec., ISO 8000. The bright area on the horizon is light pollution from a small town.
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  • Taken: Feb 5, 2022
  • Uploaded: Feb 5, 2022
  • Updated: Nov 9, 2022