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User / Wayne Pinkston / Utah’s Canyon Country
Wayne Pinkston / 550 items
Utah’s Canyon Country. This sky is an unusual alchemy of smoke, light pollution, airglow, and starlight. Did you ever have those spots where you keep going back and you just cannot ever get a clear sky? This is one of those places for me. This time it was smoke on the horizon that prevented the perfect sky. To those outside the United States, it has been a summer of smoke filled skies in the western part of the country. This night was better than most, but landscape astrophotography has been limited in the western US this summer by smoke from the extensive wildfires throughout the region. Many nights are simply too smoky for good astrophotography. Well, maybe next year...
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  • Taken: Sep 24, 2020
  • Uploaded: Sep 24, 2020
  • Updated: Dec 3, 2020