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Illumination: One of Utah’s most famous locations. I posted a photo of this location in the past which contained a figure standing in the arch. Several people commented they thought the photo would be better without the figure, so here it is! Lighting is no longer permitted at this location. There is Low Level Lightning, lowlevellighting.info, with a single Cineroid LED light panel to the left and Goal Zero Micro Lantern under the arch. Stacked image, 24 mm, f/2.8, 15 sec., ISO 10,000, 14 light frames. _________________________________________ Instagram: instagram.com/wayne_pinkston/
Website: waynepinkstonphoto.com
500 px: 500px.com/waynepinkston
Low Level Lightning: lowlevellighting.info
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  • Taken: Dec 17, 2019
  • Uploaded: Jun 28, 2020
  • Updated: Sep 24, 2020