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User / photography by Derek G / Part 6: The Climb Up
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Part 6: The Climb Up (Part 2 the climb down coming soon)
There is a little pond of glacial melt water that I have been looking at on google earth for several years now. It lies at the foot of Banner Glacier, in amongst the glacial moraine. To reach it I would have to climb 1250 ft in 0.8 of a mile. My goal was to do what I had done for yesterday's sunrise photo and wake up stupid early to climb up there for alpine glow, but since I have not been there before like I had for the other shot I needed to do an exploratory climb first just to see if it was possible to reach. Before leaving I had spent long hours studying satellite imagery, topo-maps and mountaineering routes, trying to determine the best possible way up to it. Now that I was finally here and able to see it with my own eyes I studied the landscape and terrain that I could see from a distance to try and confirm my planed route. I thought I had found a route that I liked that avoided as much talus and moraine as it could.
Today my plan was simple, make sure the route was climbable and that it could be done by headlamp also maybe find a site to spend the night somewhere closer, higher up the slope if I can near a spring, that would be a huge bonus.
After a successful 0.8 of a mile, 1250ft climb over 4 hours to the tarn I determined it would have been to dangerous to make the climb buy headlamp and I also did not want to do it again with a pack on. Now all I had to do was retrace my steps back down...

here is the photo: flic.kr/p/2mGveaT
watch the climb down here: flic.kr/p/2mJcAfg

1st song: The World Has Let Me Down by Jack Rose
2nd song: Mirage by Earth
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  • Taken: Nov 4, 2021
  • Uploaded: Nov 4, 2021
  • Updated: Apr 17, 2022