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Philip Kuntz / 2,905 items
I don't remember summer's getting this consistently hot.......104 in Spokane today and thru this weekend. We hit 109 last summer. Summer's aren't what they used to be.

I wanted a cool memory so thought I'd post a favorite chilly experience I shared with dear friend Sergio. Capturing the sunset over iconic Peyto Lake was the objective. We slogged above the common viewing platform, which was vacant for some reason....We were here for a couple hours waiting for the color to pop, but it didn't much. Regardless we had a fabulous time bracing against the blasts of winds and snow. Tripods were mostly useless against the whirling winds. We were bundled up well so wasn't that bad. The beauty was entrancing. Returning to our car was a much quicker trip....wheeee. I feel relief just remembering this grand time.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Keep safe and cool.

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  • Taken: Oct 15, 2017
  • Uploaded: Jul 29, 2022
  • Updated: Aug 6, 2022