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Westerwinkel Castle is located about 1 km west of Herbern in the midst of a vast, designed in the style of an English landscape park landscape, which is now partially destroyed by poor maintenance and the installation of a golf course. It is built as a water system and framed by a multiple, rectangular-based gestagen system. Overall, the nested driveway and the fortified facilities give the impression of a defense system from earlier centuries. West joins the garden island.

Inside the old vegetable garden is a pavilion with two floors in Baroque style, built by Johann Conrad Schlaun and abandoned for years to decay. The now untouched castle garden, which offers a home to numerous native animal and plant species, was created in the last century as an English garden. He has a stock of rare trees, including a 600-year-old linden. After installing the golf course, a very old chestnut alley was felled and replaced by oak trees.

The creation of a second bridge, which seriously disturbs the island character of the outer bailey and probably serves the more convenient access of the golf course visitors to the castle, was also not very memorable. In this context, it should be mentioned, however, that the golf course earns money that can be invested in the preservation of the estate.
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