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24 photos
Wet and wonderful Wales. Need to cycle more here - ideally when it isn't raining.

33 photos

Saudi Arabia & Bahrain
131 photos
My life in the desert.

10 photos
An album showing various gear I have used on my cycle tours.

Balkans Tour 2016
101 photos
A 3-week autumnal tour of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. Wish I had more time - the countries deserved it!

Japan: Kyushu Tour 2004
48 photos
This was my first ever independent bicycle touring experience and one that fuelled the desire for many more two-wheeled adventures.

267 photos
One of the most peaceful,friendly and scenic countries I have toured by bicycle. A wonderful winter cycling destination. I spent two months cycling here from Dec 2015-Jan 2016. I visited again in...

93 photos
Most people don't know Somaliland exists as a country. Well that's because officially it doesn't. I spent two weeks in this self-declared independent country in the Horn of Africa and encountered...

182 photos
Beautiful, challenging, diverse, frustrating, exciting - so many words can describe the experience of cycling through Ethiopia. Never a dull moment, and rarely a peaceful one on the road!

South Sudan
41 photos
I spent just over a week in the World's newest country, having crossed the border from Uganda with the plan being to enter Ethiopia on a remote track. The Police put a stop to this and ended up...

11 photos
One of Africa's most friendly, welcoming, peaceful and also clean countries. I spent a week here in January 2014, which in hindsight wasn't long enough.

67 photos
A mountainous gem of a country to explore by bicycle - if you like mountains! I spent just over a week crossing the country from west to East in December 2013. Would love to go back for some more...

61 photos
Landlocked and mountainous, I spent a week cycling through this small and scenic country in June 2013, and several days at the start of 2015. Many roads are paved and there is very little traffic,...

Japan: Hokkaido
68 photos
I lived in Japan between 2003-2005, teaching English, which is where I first got into bike touring. Before leaving Japan I spent one month cycling around the most northern island: Hokkaido.

African bikes and bikers
109 photos
Across Africa, bicycles form an essential means of travel and the transport of goods.

South Africa
78 photos
In July 2012 my journey by bicycle through Africa came to an end. The northern and western Cape were cold, but offered some beautiful scenery as I headed south to Cape Town. In December 2013 I...

121 photos
Namibia is one of the most scenic and unique African countries. The population density is the second lowest in the World (after Mongolia). I came here for the big open spaces and beautiful desert...

34 photos
I got delayed in Zimbabwe. You'll have to read the website to find out why. When I did get back on the road I found the country a shadow of the past I'd heard about. Victoria Falls hasn't changed...

95 photos
Africa for beginners according to the tourist literature. Malawi is one of Africa's most scenic and friendly countries. Great for cycling as many of the roads are paved and there's little traffic. I...

127 photos
Portuguese speaking Mozambique remains an adventurous destination to cycle, particularly if you chose to take the small roads. November and December equal mango and cashew nut season; important...

461 photos
One of my favourite African countries, so much so that I came back to live and work here, bringing the bicycle obviously! I've cycled in various parts of the country, so the photos in this collection...

155 photos
The photos here come from 4 visits to Kenya. The first was in 2011 while I was cycling from England-South Africa. In 2015 I cycled here on two occasions and in 2016 I visited Mombasa and the...

120 photos
Wonderfully lush and green, Uganda seems like one big garden. Fresh fruit and vegetables lined the roadsides as I cycled from the south western border with Rwanda and headed north to Fort Portal,...

64 photos
If you like hills come cycle in Rwanda. There's little flat land, but it's wonderfully scenic and I wish I'd spent more time here.

Democratic Republic of Congo
245 photos
Cycling through the DRC was one big adventure! It wasn't easy, but looking back I felt more 'in Africa' during my 10 weeks here than anywhere else on the continent.

Central African Republic
71 photos
Not many people visit the Central African Republic. Land-locked and desperately poor, it's also surrounded by countries which add to the insecurity of travelling here.

67 photos
A transition from west to central Africa, Cameroon has desert in the north and tropical rain forests in the south. It's also the only other country in the World, other than Canada, which has French...

Togo & Benin
51 photos
Sandwiched between English speaking Ghana and Nigeria, I only spent several days in tiny Togo, and less than a week in almost as tiny Benin. The latter claims voodoo to be its national religion!

95 photos
Nigeria gets an awful reputation on the international front, but it's one of the most diverse and interesting countries I've cycled in.

97 photos
Ghana is a country of warm smiles and friendly people. It's probably also West Africa's most stable country to travel through.

Cote d' Ivoire
20 photos
I was lucky to cycle through the south of Cote d' Ivoire just before political elections caused havoc in the country.

59 photos
Liberia is one of Africa's poorest countries. Destroyed by civil war the country is slowing rebuilding itself. I cycled through during the rainy season (August 2010), but other than getting quite...

56 photos
My ride through Guinea was dominated by the Fouta Djalon Mountains in the north of the country. Small little-used tracks provided a challenging, but memorable ride. I continued south and crossed into...

Sierra Leone
101 photos
Sierra Leoneons are amongst the friendliest people I met in Africa. The country is slowly rebuilding itself and the roads are improving all the time.

Guinea Bissau
49 photos
Cashew-nut trees dominate Guinea Bissau. Maybe that was the influence of the Portuguese, who brought them back from Brazil and colonised the country. I spent 10 days cycling here en route to Guinea.

The Gambia
71 photos
Dubbed the smiling coast of Africa, The Gambia is Africa's smallest country. It's all flat and bisected by the River Gambia. I walked and cycled it.

Big Africa Cycle: Europe favourites
52 photos
A selection of favourites from France, Spain and Portugal

St Louis: Senegal
33 photos

100 photos
Senegal was a not-so-warm welcome to sub-Saharan Africa. I was off the bike for a number of weeks after being attacked and cut with a machete. But the journey had to go on.....

62 photos
Mauritania is almost all desert. It was a transition from arabic north Africa to rough-and-ready sub-saharan Africa.

Sahara approaching
34 photos

Cycle tourers I've met
36 photos
A gallery of touring cyclists I've met on my travels, or rather cyclists whose pictures I managed to take.

Over the High Atlas
48 photos
Small roads, stunning scenery, snow-bound passes in Morocco

31 photos

26 photos

277 photos
Mountains, deserts, beaches, souks - Morocco is a gem of a country to cycle through. I spent almost 3 months touring the country.

Lost in the Mid-Atlas
14 photos

Into the Rif
45 photos
The road from Ceuta to Fez

15 photos
Last European leg of the The Big Africa Cycle.

The guided ride south
40 photos
Photos from the 500km ride from Sintra-Tavira, joined by Martin from CTTC

Spain: Santiago de Compostela
22 photos

Portugal 2
51 photos

Figging out Portugal
36 photos

187 photos
Vines, wines, figs and a lot of history. Not many people come to cycle in Portugal. A beautiful country with a lot to offer.

77 photos
Following the Camino de Santiago and a brief time in Andalucia.

France part 2
7 photos

89 photos
A cyclist's dream. From Brittany south to Bordeaux.

31 photos
Various items of gear and belongings I've packed away in panniers for a life on the road during my cycling adventures.

90 photos

105 photos

91 photos

With the bike
168 photos
When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. (~H.G. Wells). A collection of bicycle-related photos (mostly involving me!)

The Long Ride Home
105 photos
Some of my favourite photos taken during 'The Long Ride Home', a 50,000km journey from Japan-England.

Faces and people
315 photos
A collection of pictures to showcase the diversity of people on the planet. Collected from 50+ countries.

Sleeping wild
282 photos
A selection of places I've slept while touring. Not many campsites here, but some stunning, interesting and very random locations to pitch a tent!

194 photos
Always nice to come home, for a while.

7 photos
Cycling between Brussels, Gent and Bruge. Wasn't here long

22 photos

61 photos

52 photos
The first country on my Long Ride Home journey, Korea felt like a transition between zen-calm Japan and the chaos of China. There were plenty of National Parks en route as I rode from Pusan in the...

33 photos
Cambodia is one of South East Asia's poorest countries, but it's also one of the friendliest. I crossed the border from Vietnam near the River Mekong, and headed west towards the famous temples of...

15 photos
Unless you're on part of an organised tour it's difficult to spend long in Turkmenistan. Most cyclists have a transit visa for 5-7 days, which is usually long enough to pedal across what is mostly a...

25 photos
Leaving behind the mountains of Central Asia I entered the hot low-land steppe of Uzbekistan and followed the silk route through the famous historical towns of Samarkand and Bukhara.

72 photos
A stunning ride along the Pamir Highway. Tajikistan is one of Asia's most mountainous and beautiful countries. I spent 6 weeks here, which also included exploring the Wakhan and Shokdara valleys. And...

15 photos
I entered Kyrgyzstan at the Irkeshtam border with Xinjiang China. My visa was soon to expire, but it was enough time to start on the Pamir Highway and head south into Tajikistan.

37 photos
Not many people visit Libya independently, and very few cycle through it. I was lucky enough to get a transit visa, although cycling across all that desert in 7 days wasn't possible. I made it out...

72 photos
I spent half of my time in Egypt off the bike. There was the waiting for a Libyan visa and my Mum came to see the sights with me. Highlights included a wonderful felucca trip down the Nile.

60 photos
A country of contrasts. I've visited Turkey many times, but only cycled in the east, which provides some stunning mountainous scenery.

12 photos
Away from the tourist beaches, Thailand remains an authentic destination for food and culture lovers. I cycled from the Cambodian border north to cross into Laos.

203 photos
Incredible India! Cycling here was never boring. I took a 2-day train journey south from Delhi all the way to Kerala, then pedalled back up through Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashta, Gujarat,...

47 photos
Vietnam is one of South East Asia's most diverse and populated countries. Try crossing the road in Hanoi with all those motorbikes! Wonderfully colourful, I also found it hard to escape the...

69 photos
Tunisia came as a welcome break after slogging it through Libya in record time! It's a diverse country of deserts, historic towns, and varied countryside. Probably best to avoid cycling here in the...

56 photos
Syria has fallen on hard times - such a pity for a country whose people are some of the kindest in the Muslim World. I cycled through from Turkey, en route to Jordan.

49 photos
A stunning country of mountains deserts and the lowest point on the planet. Petra will forever remain a wonderful memory.

117 photos
Big beards and big mountains; Pakistan, and more specifically the Karakoram Highway (KKH) rightly deserves its name as being one of the most interesting places to cycle.

131 photos
One of the hardest countries to get a visa for, but well worth the visit. Iranians might win an award for most hospitable of people. Swelteringly hot in summer and bitterly cold in winter, I spent 2...

32 photos
Lush Laos. A beauty to cycle through with its quiet roads, mountainous landscapes and friendly people.

97 photos
Tibet ought to be a country in its own right, and I will forever think of it as one. I was fortunate enough to be able to cycle through independently in 2006, but since 2008 the Chinese have placed...

48 photos
Sandwiched between two giants (India and China), Nepal is one of my favourite countries in Asia. The mountains get higher the further north you go, but the people remain friendly throughout.

132 photos
China is the largest country I've cycled in. It's also one of the most challenging, but rewarding places to tour. The country is rapidly changing and modernising, but with a good map it's easy to...

Big Africa Cycle favourites
59 photos
Favourites from Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal