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Skógafoss is one of the largest and well known falls in Iceland, it's sheer power as it crashes over the sea cliffs has to be seen to be appreciated, if you walk anywhere near toward the bottom of it it's like being in an industrial power shower, and the noise is truly incredible.

The one downside of this place is such is its beauty it's can get very busy, during the day coaches are pulling in all the time with tourists eager to get their selfie sticks out and generally run all over the place like out of control ants. This was the case on this day, I was over here with a few friends and I simply couldn't get the shot I wanted due to rain and the aforementioned ant swarm... they all wanted to go and do a snow mobile tour over the glacier and were getting a bit impatient with my requests to spend a long time at each location which to be honest if you aren't a photographer I totally get! So I told them to leave me here for 5 hours while they went and did that and then come back and find me later....

5 hours may seem a long time but that's 5 hours I've got to get my shots and also to have a good explore of the area well past the top of the falls.

The time went in no time and I got several shots I liked with hardly anyone around (I've included a single 'ant' for scale here), plus some others in locations rarely shot way back along the River Skoga.

I can't believe how long ago this was now, and that I've never posted it up here.


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  • Taken: Nov 2, 2016
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