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I've been after this shot for a good while now, timing was always going to be the key here along with when I was free, I'd planned to shoot it a week before this but the warm weather meant all the roads were heavily congested into the area with people heading for beaches....

This is the result of about 4-6 weeks weather watching, and this evening was the first night where it was going to be dry, not much wind, and where the (right height) tide, and Sunset were all pretty much aligned.

The high tide at under 7m was low enough not to swallow the entire hull of the boat so it was all systems go! Mike Tonge, and Mike Muddyboots decided to join me for an evenings shooting as well which was great.

I've been panicking a bit as the wrecked boat is due to be removed so this night was possibly my best or only chance at getting what I wanted, I ended up with 3 shots that I'm really happy with, so it's job done for this one.

Having been marooned since November 2019, Beached Yacht, 'Celestial Dawn' rests on her side at Lytham, on the Lancashire Coast..


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  • Taken: Aug 14, 2020
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