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Somehow I've managed to miss uploading all my images from 3 trips to this fantastic abandoned slate Quarry in North Wales, I'm not sure how but here's one from my first visit up here.

More of an afternoon exploration and scouting trip really than a planned shoot but some really dramatic weather and light breaks made it ideal for this scene with the focal point top Quarry building lit up, and lower levels lit for great detail standing out from the dark and foreboding Mount Snowdon to the rear.

I'd tried to get across to the buildings on the other side but failed as the written guide I had was back at my B&B and the route I tried to take was far too dangerous, being on my own I saw sense and called it a day for that trip.

I did eventually get over to the other side via a really long and very enjoyable walk where I got to explore pretty much all of the quarry, when I looked back from the other side at the route I had first tried to take I thought I must have been mad , the need to explore almost taking over any sensible thoughts of a safe route to take.

I'll upload more images from here, and hoping to go for another few visits soon, it's been too long, can't believe this is nearly 2 years ago.


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  • Taken: Oct 1, 2018
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