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User / Pete Rowbottom, Wigan, UK / Neowise
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Explore #1 13/08/2020

A few weeks ago I'd indentified just one evening where I had some free time to get out and see Comet Neowise. Since it wasn't going to be around again for another 6,766 years I though I'd better make the effort... and the thought of it being visible to the naked eye was far too much of a temptation to pass by.

Thankfully (and unusually) the weather was absolutely perfect for the evening I'd picked with very little cloud lingering around and thus millions of stars were clearly visible to the naked eye, arrivng well after dark was the hard part as not only was I struggling to see the comet I couldn't really see where I was going either without shining a really bright torch around and potentially ruining anyone elses shots that may be around although I couldn't make anyone out..

My arrival time coincided with the tide going back out so that was a huge help knowing I wasn't going to get cut off on the rocks I was now scrambling across in the dark to find a foreground.. once I'd got settled my eyes had adjusted to the dark and the Comet could clearly be seen, absolutely awesome to witness I just stood on watched on for a while taking it all in, after all it was the only time I'd ever get to see it..

This was taken a 0115AM, I finally settled on a 15 second exposure at f/2.8 and a little bit of lighting for the foreground rocks, it's really not often I do shooting at night and Astro work but I really enjoyed it, something very surreal about being stood in the sea at 0130 AM in Wellies shooting and watching a subject that is 64 million miles away. Not something you get to do everyday. And amazingly, no mishaps !

Have a zoom around at all the stars, sent my eyes crazy looking up at them all, due to light pollution you never get to see anything like this where I live.


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  • Taken: Jul 21, 2020
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  • Updated: Sep 16, 2020