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At 04:45 this Monday the alarm clock woke me up. I got dressed quickly, packed everything I needed together and set off for the bicycle (driving on the Alpe di Siusi is actually not permitted for such purposes - yet some had done it this morning...) and found out that I am not able to take the tripod with me. It was just too bulky and unfortunately my backpack was not equipped for it. All right, don't. I have an A7III with a great dynamic range (more on that later), nothing can happen. So on the bike (an e-bike, because I had taken my 3rd portion of antibiotics that day - heavy summer flu). Unfortunately I had to realize the first mountain from the hotel to Compatsch that the engine does nothing. My lungs feeling like they want to explode right now... The control of the engine restarted and then it finally worked. From then on it wasn't far and the ascents were limited.

But since I had already loosed so much time so far, it hurried now, since the sunrise was already discreetly at the beginning. Of course I had never seen the spot before, so I had to look for it first. But in the end this was no problem due to the lively population on site. There were already about 10 photographers in lurking position (a little apart). And an alternative bay was converted into a parking lot for about 6-7 cars. I was glad to be there on the bike. Among those present there were some instagram celebrities like Jack Harding or Evolumina (people who only make a living to travel around and shoot photos...of course there is a lot of advertising). Together with 3 other photographers I made myself comfortable at one point to experience the sunrise and of course to take pictures.

After a few minutes about 3-4 drones hovered above us, so it didn't matter and I let mine start. On the one hand it is not so easy to take normal pictures and at the same time to take pictures with the drone. All in all I was at this spot for about two hours and it was a lot of fun. Of course it was also beautiful to look at. After the sun was already a bit higher up, suddenly everyone thinned out and I was alone at the spot.

I am satisfied with the results itself, but unfortunately I had to find out at home that I made a big mess. Because of the Bloodmoon thing I had changed my camera to APS-C mode (to see what the moon looks like with 300mm instead of 200mm) and forgot to undo that. That means...all pictures of the Seiser Alm were taken in APS-C mode and therefore have "only" 10 MP and a slightly changed angle of view (Crop factor x 1.6).

So, I have to go there again :)

Thanks for listening.
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  • Taken: Jul 30, 2018
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