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Personal Favorites
26 photos
These are the photos that I most like in my photostream. This set reflects my current preferences, so photos can come in and out of this set. Interesting to compare this set with those pictures of...

Flickr's Most Interesting
20 photos
These are my photos that Flickr's Magic Donkey thinks are my most interesting. Note that interestingness is more to do with social habits of Flickrites than the quality of the photos. These are the...

Fall Series
49 photos
Warm colors, foliage

8 photos

8 photos
Optical or radio. Monuments of Science

33 photos
Volcanos, geysers, springs, mudpots and other volcanic features

Black and White
123 photos

Aerial views
83 photos
The world seen from above

80 photos
all kinds of non-human animals

30 photos
interesting fruiting bodies...

Abstract Sculptures
13 photos

Covered Bridges
5 photos

62 photos

Yellowstone Roadtrip
55 photos
2020 EV roadtrip to Yellowstone

Cities of the world
97 photos

61 photos

62 photos
photos taken with film technology

Long exposure
18 photos

19 photos
Photographs digitally edited to move away from "reality".

30 photos
studies in composition

54 photos
fluffy stuff in the sky

Pleasure Driving
15 photos
Top driving roads in the world. Some are featured in the Avis top 25 driving roads (using their 2015 ranking), but not restricted to that. Essentially roads that are a joy to drive or that have some...

Circuits from the air
4 photos
Photos of motorsport circuits taken from airplanes

22 photos
Photos that have been published by 3rd parties, in print or web.

28 photos

Castelo de Torres Vedras
2 photos

Castelo de Sesimbra
5 photos

Castelo de Óbidos
3 photos

Castelo dos Templários de Tomar
2 photos

Castelo de Sintra
1 photo

Castelo de Almorol
1 photo

Castelo de Aljezur
1 photo

Castelo de Beja
1 photo

British Castles
4 photos

Southern European Castles
4 photos

Northern European Castles
1 photo

104 photos

8 photos
photos taken through a pinhole rather than a lens.

461 photos
photos of and with phones' cameras

best of 2018
5 photos

best of 2015
10 photos

Project 52 : 2018
52 photos
A photo a week; every one of them an old film photo digitized with an SLR.

365 photos
Project 365 in 2015

366 photos
Documenting 2012 one photo a day. All taken with cell phone camera. This project 365 is all about minimizing the technology and focusing on the most important aspect of photography: composition....

Project 365 #1
365 photos
One photo a day...

112 photos
Project 365 in 2011

Tokina AF 11-16mm f/2.8
109 photos
photos taken with this ultra-wide lens

2 photos
photos taken with webcams

photo kit
22 photos

Computer gear
3 photos

46 photos
Photos from scientific meetings

CMSB 2014
22 photos
Photos from the 12th Computational Methods in Systems Biology Conference. Manchester, UK. 17-19th November 2014.

11 photos
Photos of real work ;-)

4 photos
photos posted on Wikimedia, possibly used in Wikipedia

12 photos
Photos selected by the Magic Donkey

Hogpen Hill Farms
7 photos
open day at Edward Tufte's magic Hogpen Hill Farms

GP Austria 2018
16 photos

Montreal 2017
20 photos
GP of Canada 2017 at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

COTA 2016
16 photos
2016 Grand Prix of the USA

Monza 2015
33 photos
Grand Prix Italy 2015, Monza

Silverstone 2014
21 photos

Japan 2019
6 photos

7 photos

Costa Rica 2018
11 photos

Colorado 2017
5 photos

California 2017
14 photos

March For Science 2017
5 photos

Hawaii 2016
23 photos

Montinho, 2016
11 photos

Douro 2016
6 photos

Açores 2015
29 photos

New Mexico 2012
13 photos

New Mexico 2011
15 photos

Puerto Rico 2010
16 photos

Portugal Summer 2013
9 photos

Turkey 2009
25 photos

Greece 2008
2 photos

Saint Barth 2002
2 photos

Project 365 Mosaics
2 photos
mosaics from project 365 photos