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User / ouno design / Braun Hair Dryer, designed by Jurgen Greubel
Lindsay / 4,921 items
My mother bought this for me in 1971 when it came out. I still have it, it's still working, and I still use it. I've never had another one. I'm posting this for a couple of reasons - first, it just goes to show that companies can make things that last decades if they feel like it. And second, design since the 60 and 70s has not superseded that era either in style or longevity.

Looks like the Braun HLD 6/61 but actually says it's a P-1000C. (?) I'm wondering if it's an early prototype.

The dryer is put together with screws not glue, so you can take it apart and repair and clean it. Every time I look at it, it makes me lament the ugliness and waste of most design since. Apparently this hair dryer is in the MOMA Permanent Collection and you can see why.

This HLD 6/61 is slightly different than the examples you usually see online, which have a bevel at the gun end and buttons where a trigger would be, at the front of the handle. The buttons here are on the side instead - I think it's probably the very first model before later modifications. (Maybe it even has a different model number?)

Anyway, it just goes to show that you can build tools and appliances to last, if you feel like it. This can't have been that expensive in 1971 because my parents were living on a shoestring. Though my science-y father knew tools and would have felt it was cheaper in the long run to buy things that were well made. We could do this again. If our species survives.
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  • Taken: Jan 30, 2019
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