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170 items

Isle Royale AIR 2
311 photos

18 photos

Sleeping Bear Dunes AIR 2
229 photos, 2 videos

Badlands AIR 1
345 photos, 3 videos

Badlands AIR 2
500 photos

Badlands AIR 3
500 photos

Badlands AIR 4
372 photos, 3 videos

Roadtrip thru Utah 2
319 photos, 1 video

Necedah AIR 3
69 photos

Necedah AIR 2
500 photos

72 photos
Select paintings and photographs by Kathleen M. Heideman

7 photos
Uploaded from Mac "Pictures/Pictures-ipodtouch-April-May2016" on KMH Studio MacBook Pro

BT evidence
355 photos

5 photos

Bentley Stereographs
67 photos
Historic Photographs showing Bentley Trail and more.

4 photos
Uploaded from Mac "Pictures/Pictures-ipodtouch-April-May2016/Mulligan-mess-2016" on KMH Studio MacBook Pro

Michigamme Highlands
96 photos, 15 videos
Photos of wild, wet, beautiful country in the interior of Marquette County, wetlands threatened by the proposed CR-595 route.

1 photo
Uploaded from Mac "Pictures/YellowDog-Jun-Oct-2015" on Kathleen Heideman’s MacBook Pro

4 photos

1 photo
Uploaded from Mac "Pictures/Sept-2014-YellowDog" on Kathleen Heideman’s MacBook Pro

Yellowdog: 2015
62 photos

Roof work
47 photos
Begun in November 2013 and finished in May and June of 2014.

Yellowdog: 2014
27 photos
Roadwork on the Triple A - Gutting the Yellow Dog Plains, making way for pavement.

33 photos

Ice Pics
310 photos

34 photos

Eagle Rock
40 photos
Yellow Dog Plains, MI.

Yellowdog: 2013
198 photos, 8 videos
Winter trek in to spend a few days at the Winter Cabin.

Marquette / Lake Superior
117 photos, 2 videos
Landscapes and life around town.

Yellowdog: 2012
203 photos, 7 videos

The Guest House Studio
368 photos
After the poem, "THE GUEST HOUSE" by Rumi: This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected...

9 photos

Ashland, Wisconsin
16 photos

Window Store work
47 photos
Documentary photos showing window replacement taking place at camp.

Gleaning (project)
218 photos
This is a small shelter (think: nature-observatory- writing-hut-gazebo-sleeping-porch-casita) which I am building myself. Correction: *teaching* myself how to build. At first I was thinking...

Yellowdog: 2011
405 photos

"This Old House" UP Edition
29 photos

Return from Taos
69 photos
Roadtrip pics.

Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos NM
490 photos
Photos documenting my residency in Taos with the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico.

Diva Esther
6 photos
Performance photos.

Yellowdog: 2010
84 photos

Necedah AIR 1
90 photos
Photos documenting my October 2010 artist residency at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge. Kathleen M. Heideman orebody.com/WRIT/

Sketchbook: Roadtrip 2010
68 photos
Watercolor sketches from a two-month road trip, May-June 2010, documenting visits to a number of National Parks and Monuments, and artist residencies at the Andrews Experimental Forest (Oregon) and...

Aspen Guard Station Artist Residency
114 photos
Photos from my artist residency at Aspen Guard Station, in the San Juan National Forest / Public Lands, southwestern Colorado.

Roadtrip thru Colorado
85 photos, 2 videos
Enroute to my artist residency in the San Juan National Forest.

Roadtrip thru Utah
493 photos, 5 videos

Roadtrip from OR to UT
454 photos, 1 video
My drive route looped around to take in multiple National Forests, Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Crater Lake National Park, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (and nearby Steens Mountain...

Andrews Forest
451 photos, 14 videos
Photos from my Writer-in-Residence experience at the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, located within the Willamette National Forest of Oregon. orebody.com/WRIT/

Geomorphology Field Trip
156 photos, 11 videos
I tagged along on an enlightening field trip with geomorphologists who had been meeting at Andrews Experimental Forest station.

Roadtrip to Oregon 2010
273 photos, 2 videos
Highlights of my roadtrip to Oregon to the Writer's Residency at Andrews Forest.

Badlands Sketches
40 photos
Watercolor sketches from my artist residency in Badlands National Park, March 2010. The landscapes have been moody, foggy, snowy, muddy --- with occasional hours of brilliant golden light, glowing...

Badlands Artist Residency
1668 photos, 5 videos
Images from my artist residency at Badlands National Park, March 2010. My project will be "A Book Made Of Soil" -- poems exploring the geology of the Badlands. Kathleen M....

Road Trip to the Badlands
49 photos, 1 video
Scenes from my road trip, Michigan to South Dakota, heading to Badlands National Park for an artist residency. March 2010. A lot of deep snow in Upper Michigan and throughout Minnesota, with great...

12 photos
Select pages scanned from my old books.

Eastern Frontier Society
31 photos
EFS is located on Norton Island, off the coast of Maine.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Residency
478 photos
Photos from my recent artist residency at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (October 2008). www.nps.gov/SLBE/ orebody.com/WRIT

Isle Royale Artist Residency
497 photos
Photos from my recent artist residency on Isle Royale National Park. www.nps.gov/isro/ orebody.com/WRIT

Isle Royale Sketchbook
44 photos
Watercolor sketches made during my recent artist residency at Isle Royale National Park (2008). www.nps.gov/isro/ orebody.com/WRIT

Artist at Pine Needles
500 photos
Photographs from my artist residency (Artist at Pine Needles) in the Dunn cabin on the St Croix River, sponsored by the St Croix Watershed Research Station, Science Museum of...

St. Croix by Canoe
80 photos
Paddled from my cabin near William O'Brien State Park down to the Boomsite Landing at Stillwater. http://www.smm.org/scwrs/ orebody.com/WRIT

Field Notebook
46 photos
Notes and sketches from my time as Artist-in-Residence with the St. Croix Watershed Research Station. http://www.smm.org/scwrs/ orebody.com/WRIT

The Bog
87 photos
Observing field research into sulfate addition/cycling and mercury methylation in a bog environment.... field trip with researcher Jill Coleman Wasik (SCWRS Laboratory Manager) to the Marcell...

St. Croix Microscopy
41 photos
Water samples collected from six sites on the St. Croix River, on a paddle from my cabin at Pine Needles (near William O'Brien State Park) to the Boomsite at...

Namekagon River
53 photos
The Namekagon River is the "right half" of the upper headwaters of the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway... I joined park ranger Joan (Namekagon District) for a fantastic paddle from Cnty...

Devils Tower Nat. Park
8 photos
Sketches made October 2002, while I was the Bearlodge Writer-in-Residence at Devils Tower National Monument. www.nps.gov/deto/ orebody.com/WRIT

Voyageurs Nat. Park
10 photos
Sketches made during my time as writer-in-residence at Voyageurs National Park. www.nps.gov/voya/ orebody.com/WRIT

Apostle Islands
84 photos
Images from a month I spent as artist-in-residence on Sand Island, in Lake Superior (Apostle Islands National Lakeshore). www.nps.gov/apis/ orebody.com/WRIT

Yellowdog June'08
19 photos

Yellowdog Summer'09
175 photos
Photographs documenting scenes and summer projects from the approx 10 weeks I spent on the Yelllow Dog Plains this summer. orebody.com/WRIT

Keweenaw 2009
169 photos
Our belated honeymoon trip....? orebody.com/WRIT

Yellowdog Sept'08
21 photos
After finishing my artist residency on Isle Royale, I drove from Houghton to L'Anse and followed dirt roads up to the Yellowdog Plains.

216 photos
Experiments with a variety of lenses.

San Francisco April 2008
76 photos
Trip to San Francisco for the NITLE summit.

3 photos
This set is intended to be a visual log of the work I'm doing on my house this fall..... Before-During-&-After shots. Encouraging comments welcome!

73 photos, 1 video
My new home life in Upper Michigan.

Michigan Christmas 2007
40 photos
Christmas in Northern Michigan and the farm in NE Wisconsin.

46 photos
Mudjekewis is already the creative birthplace of Superior Heartland, and has served as a space for painting and suzuki music lessons... will it continue inspiring those who work there?

Dia de los Muertos
18 photos
Birthday gathering meets day-of-the-dead ceremony!

82 photos
Photos from 1998 including Keeweenaw historic locations.

112 photos
Photographs from my 1998 Jerome Travel Grant, including aerials shot from helicopter of mines, tailing basins and subsidence around Negaunee.

95 photos
Photographs from 1998 Jerome Travel Grant research

Yellowdog Retreat - Sept'07
70 photos
A wonderful writing retreat in the winter cabin, at the onset of Fall Color season.

40th Wedding Anniversary
98 photos

Grand Marais
110 photos
Labor Day in Grand Marais. Rented a lovely old tourist cabin (circa 1920's) and sketched and hiked.... Shovel Point, Artists' Point, Hat Point, and a lovely overlook from just up the Gunflint Trail.

Remodeling Aug'07
2 photos
Documenting some changes to the kitchen and living room.

Garden July'07
17 photos
The vivid palette of a sunny morning in the garden!

Yellowdog Fourth of July '07
39 photos
Images from a renovating and re-invigorating trip!

Yellowdog Memorial Day '07
29 photos

70 photos
A collaborative intergenerational fairytale project by Phebe D. Hanson, Rebecca J. Alm and Kathleen M. Heideman.

9 photos
Family and friends and maybe the faces of friendly strangers.

295 photos
Sketches, paintings and other ephemera - generally from my travels.

Save The Wild UP
184 photos
Images for the Save the Wild UP Flickr Pool. Includes documentary shots taken on the Yellow Dog Plains, including at the headwaters of the Salmon Trout River, at a USGS station on the Yellow Dog, on...

Sunrise - Sunset
13 photos
Photographs of fleeting moments.

Michigan Christmas 2006
163 photos
Christmas on the shore of Lake Superior at Marquette Michigan.

Winter Cabin Redivivus
33 photos
Over the recent Memorial Day weekend, I drove up north to join my beau Dan and his parents June and Fred at their beautiful remote camp in Upper Michigan. Dan and I worked hard at cleaning up the...

Yellowdog Independence
56 photos
Lost-in-time out on the Yellowdog Plains of Northern Michigan! Highlights of the trip included a very special day-hike in the Huron Mountain Club, as guests of the Rydholms and Dan's friends...

Empire & Subsidence
126 photos
Images shot from a helicopter, while researching the landscape of subsidence, iron ore tailings, and settling ponds located around Negaunee, Ishpeming and Palmer.

Research: CG
25 photos
CG-related ephemera

26 photos

Oreboat Ride
32 photos
Historic photographs from June R.

N Michigan Places
24 photos

Reporters' Tour: Sulfide Mining
14 photos

Garden and Yard
29 photos
Documentary images from my garden and backyard - a perpetual work-in-progress project.

Deck + Porch
6 photos
Process shots: reinforcing limestone wall, pouring supports, jacking up the back porch, installing new joists, and finally building a DECK. Whew!

Spring Thaw: Northern Michigan
69 photos

20 photos
Because sometimes "a picture is worth a thousand words"!

11 photos
Marquette MI

St. Croix Falls
9 photos
Paddling trip from Taylor's Falls to William O'Brien State Park....

May Day Parade
34 photos
Scenes from the May Day Parade, held in South Minneapolis, May 2006. A true community celebration. Can you say spirit-infused acts of public puppetry?

Hiking in HMC
52 photos
Hiking with June Rydholm and Sheba, April 2006.

Colorado July 2005
25 photos
Images from last July, Colorado. A short business trip in Denver (to meet with Raytheon Polar Services, a planning session for the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program) -- I arrived early, and...

7 photos
Photographic evidence.

The Scientific Method: Author
34 photos
Kathleen M. Heideman ("The Scientific Method: Poems of Antarctic Inquiry"), past fellow of the National Science Foundation's Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. orebody.com/WRIT

The Scientific Method: Deploying
28 photos
Snapshots of Christchurch New Zealand, taken the day before I flew down to Antarctica via military transport plane... orebody.com/WRIT

The Scientific Method: Flight-to-Ice
173 photos
Images from deployment and my flight to Antarctica, including aerial photographs of Antarctica taken from the flight deck (documenting a spectacular views of the frozen Ross Sea, Mt Erebus, McMurdo's...

The Scientific Method: McMurdo, Antarctica
102 photos
Images from a poet's journey to Antarctica through the National Science Foundation's Artists & Writers Program. orebody.com/WRIT

McMurdo Station Views
19 photos

The Scientific Method: Chapel of the Snows
6 photos
Images from a poet's trip to McMurdo Station, Antarctica (Kathleen M. Heideman, 2005). orebody.com/WRIT

Antarctica: Hut Point
33 photos
The Scientific Method Images of Discovery Hut, located just around the bay from McMurdo Station (Ross Island, Antarctica). Kathleen M. Heideman orebody.com

Antarctica: Views of Mt. Discovery
195 photos
The Scientific Method These photographs were taken from (aka through) my office window in Crary Lab at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. I had a wonderful view of Mt. Discovery, an extinct volcano...

Flight to South Pole
42 photos
Aerial shots of my flight on board a Hercules military transport plane, between McMurdo Station Antarctica, and the South Pole (November 2005). Note: the Hercules is outfitted with skiis instead of...

The Scientific Method: South Pole Station
372 photos
The Scientific Method Images from my time at the South Pole Station, Antarctica. I had incredible access to the inner life of the pole, due to the intervention of my guide, Charlie Kaminsky. ...

Antarctica: Snow School
102 photos
The Scientific Method Images from "Happy Camper" or "Snow School" in which scientists, workers, and artists and writers learn about hypothermia, practice winter-camping survival...

Antarctica: Barne Glacier
42 photos
My sea ice safety training session at the Barne Glacier, near Cape Evans.

Antarctica: New Harbor Flights
85 photos
The Scientific Method: Images from helicopter flights (TO/FROM) across the frozen Ross Sea from McMurdo Station to Dr. Sam Bowser's field camp at New Harbor, Antarctica. Flight TO New Harbor...

The Scientific Method: New Harbor Ice
106 photos
Images of the sea ice at New Harbor, including minute details glimpsed with a macro lens, ice landscapes and bizarre formations, upheavals, cracking, grounded bergs, and documentary shots of...

The Scientific Method: Life at New Harbor
89 photos
Images taken at New Harbor, Antarctica, where Sam Bowser's team of scientists are working and conducting research into foraminifera Kathleen M. Heideman, 2005 orebody.com

The Scientific Method: Fosdick Mountain...
15 photos
Images depict a planning meeting held in the Crary Lab (McMurdo Station, Antarctica) between Dr. Christine Siddoway and her field team, preparing for a reconnaissance flight to East Antarctica, where...

The Scientific Method: Deverall Island
78 photos
Images from my trip with the TAMDEF (TransAntarctic Mountains Deformation) scientific team, flying in a Twin Otter fixed-wing plane to the southernmost island in the world: Deverall Island, a small...

Antarctica: ANDRILL
90 photos
The Scientific Method: Photographs from my time with team ANDRILL, including sea ice travel in a Hagglund vehicle from McMurdo to their camp, on the frozen Ross Sea, and field work recovering a...

Antarctica: ANDRILL Landscapes
81 photos
The Scientific Method: Views from Camp ANDRILL, a field camp set up on the frozen ice of the Ross Sea. orebody.com

Antarctica: Seals at Erebus Ice Tongue
57 photos
The Scientific Method Calving seals along the pressure ridges, Erebus Ice Tongue, seen enroute to the Petzel fish huts (fish researchers) at Cape Evans. McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Kathleen M....

The Scientific Method: Castle Rock
30 photos
Images from a day-hike in Antarctica, walking from the American station at McMurdo -- to climb the basalt outcrop known as "Castle Rock."

The Scientific Method: Cape Evans
87 photos
Images from my visit to the historic Cape Evans hut (Ross Island, Antarctica) -- the base from which Robert Falcon Scott and his men began their ill-fated expedition to the South Pole.

The Scientific Method: Dry Valleys Lake Bonney...
45 photos
Images documenting in-situ research taking place in a weather-shelter tent (samples gathered through a hole in the ice) on frozen Lake Bonney, in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica (research team headed...

The Scientific Method: Dry Valleys Lake Bonney
11 photos
Images from my flight into the Dry Valleys, accompanying scientists Dr. Bess Ward and Dr. Mark Wells to their research site in the middle of frozen Lake Bonney (they were working in the east lobe of...

The Scientific Method: Dry Valleys Ice Details
40 photos
Detailed views of ice and stone and other ephemera, witnessed during my time on Lake Bonney, located in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica.

Antarctica: Lake Bonney
43 photos
The Scientific Method Images of my trip to the east lobe of Lake Bonney, with scientists Dr. Bess Ward and Dr. Mark Wells. Their research site is a tiny "weather shelter" hut in the...

The Scientific Method: Dry Valleys Taylor Glacier
15 photos
Images from my visit to the Taylor Glacier, a massive glacier located on the far eastern end of Lake Bonney (in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica). Taylor Glacier is a river of ice (from the Polar...

The Scientific Method: Dry Valleys Rhone Glacier
4 photos
Views of the Rhone Glacier from below, at Lake Bonney, located in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica. This massive glacier flows downhill but the ice largely "evaporates" before reaching the...

The Scientific Method: Dry Valleys Blood Falls
6 photos
Images of my visit to Blood Falls, a specially protected feature of the Taylor Glacier in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica (Blood Falls is a Site of Special Scientific Interest). The colors are due to...

ScientificMethod: Dry Valleys Fogged In
115 photos, 2 videos
Bad weather set in over Lake Bonney (east end of Taylor Valley, Dry Valleys of Antarctica) while I was visiting with Dr. Bess Ward's reseach team. When helicopters could not return due to bad...

The Scientific Method: Dry Valleys Overnight
121 photos
Photographs depict the Bonney Camp (a Jamesway hut, an outhouse, a survival cache, and a couple tiny outbuildings that serve as science labs) permanently established on the shore of Lake Bonney. ...

The Scientific Method: Dry Valleys Wright Valley
25 photos
Images from a stunning helicopter trip through the Wright Valley of Antarctica. Trip included eye-popping views of Rhone Glacier as the helicopter spiraled up the side of the valley, lifting us like...

The Scientific Method: Dry Valleys Flight Out
59 photos
After an overnight stranding at Lake Bonney (due to weather in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica), a helicopter picked up our team, flew back down the Taylor Valley to New Harbor, then north to the fuel...

The Scientific Method: Views of Erebus, Ross Sea
44 photos
Images taken from helicopter window during flight from Marble Point across frozen Ross Sea: includes views of icebergs frozen into the Ross Sea, Beaufort Island, Mt. Erebus (active volcano) plume,...

The Scientific Method: Crary Lab
37 photos
Images of researchers in McMurdo's Crary Lab (Dr. Bess Ward's team) analyzing water samples gathered from Lake Bonney (located in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica). orebody.com/WRIT

New Zealand: Lyttleton Harbor & the Nathaniel B....
80 photos
Images of Lyttleton Harbor, the old port town serving Christchurch New Zealand, and the historic port from which several expeditions left for Antarctica, including the British Antarctic Survey...

New Zealand: Walking the Port Hills
34 photos
Images taken in New Zealand while hiking from Lyttleton up the road to Godley Head, wandering out on the summit of Godley Head, then down the other side of the Port Hills to Sumner.

New Zealand: Lyttleton
32 photos
Images of Lyttleton NZ, port town for Christchurch NZ. Lyttleton and Christchurch have always been geographically seperated by the impressive volcanic ridge of the Port Hills, but Lyttleton is now...

Leaving Port
11 photos
Images of the Nathaniel B. Palmer, leaving port and heading out to sea.... Destination: Antarctica.

New Zealand: Lyttleton to Akaroa
26 photos
Images from a road trip from Lyttleton to the Akaroa Peninsula. We drive south via the scenic Summit Road route, following the scythe-shape of the Port Hills, descending to a sedimentary plain,...

New Zealand: Akaroa & the Banks Peninsula
40 photos
Images from the Onuki Farm Hostel and hiking into the hilly terrain of the Banks Peninsula.

New Zealand: Hanmer Springs
37 photos
Once just a rural small town on the edge of the mountains, graced by a hot springs (considered sacred healing waters by Maori people), the area of Hanmer Springs is now being commericially developed...

New Zealand: Kaikoura
62 photos
Images from my travel in Kaikoura, including a day hike from Dusky Lodge through the town of Kaikoura and around/over the Kaikoura Peninsula.

New Zealand: Marlborough Sounds
235 photos
Images from my time in the Picton / Marlborough Sounds region of New Zealand (from Christmas Eve 2005 to January 2 2006), including images from my stay at Furneaux Lodge, and hiking the Queen...

New Zealand: Takaka
71 photos
Images from my travel to Takaka and the Golden Bay region (New Zealand's South Island).

New Zealand: Farewell Spit & Puponga
110 photos

New Zealand: Murchison
13 photos
Images from my travel through Murchison as I passed south, cutting through the mountains and out to the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island.

New Zealand: Punaikaki
136 photos
Images of Te Nikau Palm Retreat hostel.

New Zealand: Hokitika
34 photos
Images from my time in Hokitika, NZ, including shots of the Birdsong Hostel just north of Hokitika, and a driftwood art festival held on the public beach.

New Zealand: Okarito
110 photos
Images from my journey off-the-beaten path, to Okarito, NZ. Okarito is situated on the wild west coast, where the Tasman Sea meets the Okarito Lagoon, approx 13 kilometers off the main West Coast...

New Zealand: Franz Joseph Glacier
42 photos
Images of Franz Joseph Glacier, located in the western coastal region of the South Island of New Zealand.

New Zealand: Fox Glacier
40 photos

New Zealand: Queensland
24 photos
Images from the roadtrip between Fox Glacier and Queensland, NZ.

New Zealand: Te Anau & Doubtful Sound
183 photos
Images of my scenic trip to Te Anau and Manapouri NZ, including a Real Journeys bus to Manapouri, a boat excursion over Lake Manapouri, a bus shuttle over the mountain pass between the lake and the...

New Zealand: Te Anau & Manapouri
16 photos
Images from Te Anau and Lake Manapouri, including a few early morning shots and some images from the Te Anau Glowworm Caves.

New Zealand: The Catlins
124 photos
Images taken on a scenic road trip on the road-less-traveled: towns along the bottom of New Zealand's South Island, including Rivertown, Invercargill, the wild reaches of the Catlins, Curio Bay, and...

New Zealand: Otago Peninsula
77 photos
Images from the incredible conclusion of my trip -- spent exploring the Otago Peninsula on foot, including a visit to the only mainland nesting colony of Royal Albatross found anywhere in the world,...

Cuba 2004
382 photos
Images from my trip to Havana, Cuba -- to present at the 11th International Teaching Learning Networks Conference, held in Cojimar.