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David Robert Bliwas / 946 items
Sorry … but I just feel compelled to share this … only because of how it affected me so…made me more grateful … gave me some joy …. first off ... I'm just grateful that I had my pocket camera with me at the park yesterday afternoon … Gerry was sitting quiet and alone on the bench ... hunched over his cane ... I passed by and gave a nod … he responded in kind … and that somehow was enough confirmation to me that the Universe was aligned just right ... that I was enabled to overcome my natural timidity and summon the courage to ask to make his picture … and without a moment’s hesitation or any hint of distrust he agreed to let me do that … and when I got home and worked on the image I realized some things … I’m pretty sure it’s jolting ... but also welcome and affirming when a stranger approaches …. saying that you have such a good face…. and that he wants to capture that … it’s such a vulnerable position that I put him in … but at the same time that’s kinda offset by the unexpected interest and attention from a stranger in the park …. there's a lot that's happening in a thirty second one shot click of the camera … and... turns out that I love this portrait …really love it …. also kinda wonderful when the last image you make becomes your new favorite … so for me there’s a lot of confirmation and joy here … that I was able to make a new connection with another ..... and to then capture and create something that never existed in the world until yesterday afternoon …that touched something in my soul … and also at the same time hopefully gave Gerry some feeling that he didn’t go another day unnoticed, invisible and unappreciated (goes for me too)… anyway … thank you Gerry …. thank you Universe … and as always thanks to my friends here for again letting me express and share ….
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  • Taken: Mar 20, 2024
  • Uploaded: Mar 21, 2024
  • Updated: May 4, 2024