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David Robert Bliwas / 946 items
Well .. I’ve pretty much settled in and hunkered down for my obligatory holiday blues period …I live in a small quiet Florida city and I’ve lately been reluctant to even go to the park … each time I’m out with my camera there’s really not many people out or much that I'd want to shoot … to complicate all that … I’m a child of the 60’s … love and peace generation … all that kind of good stuff … and it’s fairly evident and disheartening that the Universe has gone far off that course … wars … divisions .. politics … hate … all of that puts in context what would happen next the moment I entered the park Sunday afternoon … I saw thirteen year old Isabel …. I had my little new pocket camera ... I was just compelled to make her picture … OK … I needed to make her picture … and when I asked her if I could do that … she let me … no hesitation … no affect … no pretense … and then … that smile …. and I’m telling you … for a moment at least ... all that noise and nonsense going on in the world and in my life just melted …. that smile she gave up without even asking … just pure and good and sweet and trusting ... and so full of promise …. and that friends is why I wanted to share these feelings and her face .. cause if you can’t see some hope in that dear face then I can't help you … that’s what I got from little Isabel yesterday … and I’m sharing hoping that you get some of that too … thank you Isabel …
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  • Taken: Nov 27, 2023
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  • Updated: Apr 21, 2024