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User / northernblue109 / Aberdeen Corporation Tramways: Cunarder Tram (fiction)
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This image is based on a poor quality original taken on Blackpool promenade in the mid-1980s, depicting preserved Glasgow Corporation Cunarder 1297. There is a tenuous link between Aberdeen, Blackpool and Glasgow. Despite the apparent rivalry between the two Scottish undertakings (see comments under Aberdeen 'Balloon' tram), Aberdeen approached Glasgow with a view to the latter constructing its production batch of streamlined trams.

Whilst this wasn't to be, the resultant trams (built by a third party) nevertheless had an uncanny resemblance to Glasgow's own streamlined trams - the most noticeable difference being that Aberdeen's had centre entrances. When its system closed in 1958, Aberdeen tried unsuccessfully to sell the streamliners, firstly to Glasgow and then to Blackpool (08-Dec-12).

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  • Taken: Dec 9, 2012
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