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User / northernblue109 / British Rail: Class 03 Diesel Shunter 'D2044' (digital representation)
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The combination of steam-age Brunswick green and the modernisation era 'arrow of indecision' and 'TOPS' data panel may seem rather incongruous, but a lot of locomotives ran like this for several years. When I photographed D2044 in the civil engineer's sidings at Etherley (Witton Park on the current day Weardale Railway) in the early 1970s, it was one of Darlington's allocation of 204hp Class 03 diesel-mechanical shunters. That picture isn't good enough to reproduce but it has enabled me to prepare this digital representation although, in truth, the actual locomotive was quite work stained. I recall thinking at the time that the 28 mph maximum speed must have been a handicap on refuelling and changeover trips to and from Darlington, but that's faster than the currently permitted 25mph over the preserved part of the line (19-Mar-10).

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  • Taken: Sep 20, 2009
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