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Nigel Blake / 236 items

Grey Wagtail
1 photo
Grey wagtail, Motacilla cinerea

Common Frog
1 photo

Common Red Fox
10 photos
A common but beautiful mammal that is persecuted by ignorant people.

Water Vole
126 photos

3 photos
A confiding Warbler

Eilean Donan Castle
26 photos
The most Iconic Castle in Scotland

Common Tern
7 photos
Common Tern, Sterna hirundo

Mute Swan
1 photo

Grey Plover
12 photos
Another favourite wader.

16 photos
UK's smallest bird species along with Firecrest

Long-tailed Duck
5 photos

Rock Thrush
19 photos

7 photos
The New Airbus Industries A400M.

Boeing 777
63 photos

14 photos

787 Dreamliner
9 photos
Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Common Cuckoo
58 photos

F-35 Lightning
82 photos

Airbus A380
102 photos
A double decker big-boy airliner

Sun and Fun airsow 2014
66 photos

59 photos
One of the Chat family related to Robins and Wheatears.

Bearded Tit
18 photos

Traction engines atc
28 photos

21 photos
Killdeer, American wading bird

18 photos

Eastern Meadowlark
77 photos
Stunning American songbird

Reed Bunting
23 photos

Tree Sparrow
44 photos

Mig 29
102 photos
The Russian built Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum

Black tailed Godwit
51 photos

Common Guillemot
7 photos

The Kelpies
39 photos
Horse head sculptures at Falkirk, Scotland

House Sparrow
46 photos

271 photos

Shore Lark
35 photos

Wood Pigeon
30 photos

Marsh Tit
18 photos

28 photos

Poppies at The Tower
16 photos

Titan Airways
32 photos

48 photos

Red-backed Shrike
32 photos

126 photos

The Blue Angels
42 photos

Florida Birds
200 photos

Little Egret
56 photos

10435 photos

9352 photos

1179 photos

298 photos

493rd FS Low level
120 photos
RAF Lakenheath's 493rd squadron Low Level in LFA7 Wales

Playing with fire
13 photos

114 photos

Little Grebe
24 photos

243 photos

97 photos

Common Buzzard
14 photos

113 photos

Hen Harrier
8 photos

Pave Hawk
24 photos

Northern Gannet
34 photos

Common Redstart
34 photos

Pied Flycatcher
10 photos

932 photos

Sedge Warbler
23 photos

28 photos
Black and white wader with an orange bill.

43 photos

Commercial work
42 photos
Product and commisioned work undertaken by Nigel Blake photography. Just a small selection as it's not always possible to show some of this work here.

Stansted airport
807 photos

Heathrow Airport
304 photos

Luton airport
790 photos
This place isn't far from my home, I don't go there enough really, I usually have a great day when I do go though!

Boeing 747
241 photos

140 photos

118 photos
I am not religious in any way whatsoever, but I am visually attracted to churches, they make great subjects to photograph!

15 photos
Now this has been a real bogie bird for me, never get a clear shot or usually they just go as I press the shutter. This one appeared out of the bush and just sat and let me photograph it from all...

Black Grouse
7 photos

European Jay
18 photos

Common Crossbill
48 photos

23 photos

Red Legged Partridge
34 photos

40 photos

Grey Partridge
17 photos

9 photos
A few of my model aircraft

Northern Shoveler
10 photos

28 photos

Grey Heron
94 photos

6 photos

F4 Phantom
31 photos

C-21A Nightingale
10 photos

Waddington airshow 2011
61 photos

Movie work
14 photos
Some of the images of my work in the film industry

20 photos
Images that result from trying something new or different, some might work and others may not!

Saab Gripen
29 photos

CV22 Osprey
137 photos
Is it a helicopter or is a plane!

154 photos

246 photos, 3 videos
Astonomy, sun, stars and related images.

17 photos

15 photos

41 photos
A very smart member of the finch family.

Crested Tit
31 photos

8 photos

B&W Aircraft
35 photos
Black and white with some selective colour too!

Great crested Grebe
20 photos

21 photos

Arctic Tern
14 photos

Great Cormorant
34 photos

Common Shag
21 photos

Whooper swan
84 photos

32 photos

18 photos

30 photos
Maybe not the most exciting aircraft, but some good prop-blur makes them come alive!

Farming Agriculture
81 photos

33 photos

Mallard Duck
40 photos

34 photos
A very underrated bird I think!

Light trails
30 photos
Abstracts of coloured lights taken at night.

Flying legends 2010
72 photos
Flying legends is the airshow of the year yet again!

People, historical reenactment.
38 photos
Portraits and group images of people involed with historical reenactment.

Common Whitethroat
92 photos
A busy little Warbler, always seems to be on the move.

Curlew Sandpiper
57 photos

Purple Sandpiper
169 photos
One of my favourite wading birds!

Grasshopper Warbler
8 photos

Song Thrush
64 photos

Meadow Pipit
87 photos

90 photos

59 photos
A very attractive Thrush that visits the UK in winter, usually in flocks with Fieldfares they feed on the berry laden hedgerows. In very cold wintery and frosty weather they come into orchards, towns...

Aviation related items
9 photos
Memorials, plaques and other items of aviation related memorabelia.

C17 Globemaster III
59 photos

C5 Galaxy
26 photos

Boeing KC-135 & Variants
83 photos
Flying gas station

Red Kite
35 photos

Great Tit
46 photos

Blue Tit
109 photos

House Martin
33 photos

Sand Martin
7 photos

Barn Swallow
138 photos

38 photos

29 photos

52 photos

471 photos
I've loved firework displays since I was a kid, I really enjoy photographing them too.

HDR processed images
93 photos
These have been processed for High Dynamic Range

298 photos

141 photos
A subject that is not as easy to shoot well as one might think.

Gambia birds
124 photos
Gambia is the best and safest introduction to African birding; I adore the country its people and most of all its bird life.. and I can't wait to go back.

Red Grouse
66 photos

Caught my eye
129 photos
Random shots that don't fit in any other sets.

88 photos
A colection of images that show the colours of autumn

Auto sport
10 photos

Aerobatic teams
91 photos

16 photos
Drab it maybe, but what a voice!

Spotted Flycatcher
202 photos
A very smart bird, I have really enjoyed photographing these.

Great Spotted Woodpecker
86 photos

225 photos
What a great singer this bird is, it always sounds happy!

35 photos
A low-fly style set of Gliding images, I will include powered gliders and "tug" aircraft in the set as well.

The Red Arrows
161 photos
The best of the best! Scarlet Hawks, smoke, noise, precision, spectacle..awesome!

101 photos

1484 photos
The most exciting way to photograph aircraft is to find a high vantage point where you can look down at planes flying below you, (it's just like waiting for a bus, you can wait ages then 3 come along...

RIAT 2009
70 photos
I only managed to do the departures this year, but it was a good day none the less!

411 photos
Another group of birds that I get alot of joy from photographing, elusive and enigmatic; Owls always have charm, character and personalities all of their own, spending any time with them in the wild...

62 photos

In print
48 photos
Some of the thousands of images I have had published.

B-1B Lancer
20 photos

Waddington 08
103 photos

Duxford May 08
52 photos

Duxford legends 2009
77 photos
The Legendary "Legends" airshow, the best airshow on the UK calendar.

family and friends
115 photos
As its say's on the tin

16 photos

birds in their environment
31 photos

331 photos
I have always said that if I ever get fed up with photographing Robin's then I'd sell my gear and find something else to do with my time... well I think I like them a bit more each time I press the...

Short-eared Owl
159 photos

Little Owl
113 photos

Tawny Owl
35 photos

Barn Owl
800 photos
Not much one can say other than Awesome, I have a real addiction to these feathered ghosts, Barn Owls are so very special to me! I have spent so many very happy hours in the company of these...

Long eared Owl
6 photos

Red Knot
71 photos

136 photos
Another unassuming bird that so easily gets taken for granted, but it's packed with charm, poise and character, I really like Redshanks!

19 photos
What a bird, it really made my day to get this in the snow!

Common Sandpiper
24 photos

125 photos
A very common wader, but usually quite approachable, and always to joy to photograph!

114 photos

102 photos

29 photos

299 photos
One of my favourite birds!

Common Snipe
133 photos
Another favourite bird of mine.

Little Stint
69 photos

Golden Plover
109 photos

119 photos

Tree Pipit
19 photos

Ringed Plover
96 photos

Long-tailed Tit
92 photos
What a little cutie!!

63 photos

Coal Tit
41 photos

Corn Bunting
115 photos
Despite being dull and brown and it having a weak rattly/jingly song.. this is a quality bird, I really like Corn Buntings for being every bit a part of the English country summer as Swallows are.

100 photos
Corncrake, supposedly a very elusive bird; but I always seem to be nearly tripping over them whenever I go to the Hebrides. A real joy to photograph these!

Common Kestrel
76 photos

22 photos

54 photos

Herons, Bitterns & Egrets
101 photos

135 photos

124 photos
This, just like our Robin, is one of those birds that you just have to photograph for as long as it will pose for you, bags of charisma, great colour and character, highly photogenic.

Northern Wheatear
276 photos

372 photos

Birds in flight
283 photos

Digitally artworked images
188 photos

Food and cookery
56 photos
food and cookery images

Alpha Jet
52 photos

22 photos
An underrated and stunning Auk!

156 photos
Everyone loves Puffins cute and comical, usually fairly tame too; Ican't go through the summer without visiting a seabird colony at least several times. I have thousands of Puffin images and will be...

wild flowers
125 photos
British wild flower images

Snow Bunting
96 photos
Living breathing seed eating snowflakes; a beautiful bird, the Snow Bunting!

Lapland Bunting
18 photos

34 photos

146 photos
Bohemian Waxwing, a smart and colourful infrequent winter visitor to the UK.

Yellow Wagtail
469 photos
Awesome and handsome birds, just about as yellow as you can get!

68 photos

114 photos

Pied Wagtail
178 photos
Not the most colourful of birds but it makes up for that with it's cocky personality, always a joy to watch and phootograph.

188 photos
What a fabulous character filled and endearing bird the Dipper is, I just adore watching them, and I love photographing them too.

F16 Fighting Falcon
192 photos

F22 Raptor
118 photos

F18 Hornet
69 photos

2702 photos
The Mighty F15 Eagle (C,D or E models, I love 'em all! ), This is an awesome machine and I never fail to be blown-away by it whenever I see one..... seen from above when flying low in the Welsh...

203 photos

735 photos

A10 Thunderbolt
83 photos
The "Warthog" "ugly but well hung", with so many underwing hardpoints and that awesome gun, this is a mean beasty!

602 photos

414 photos
The Harrier another of the UK's truly great aviation masterpieces!

329 photos

214 photos

148 photos
The Big Tin Triangle, a wonderful aircraft that fills everyone who sees it with awe, roaring off the tarmac and setting off car alarms; grace power and beauty in one noisy package. It will be so sad...

Harvest mouse
12 photos

Other plants
24 photos

UK rare birds
116 photos

101 photos

788 photos
Possibly my favourite group of birds, most waders display individual charm and personality, usually that shows through in images of them too, certainly they are the group of birds that I most enjoy...

E3 Sentry
14 photos