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Voigtlander Brillant
11 photos

Voigtlander APO Lanthar
30 photos
Leica screw mount lens

I used to read paper
26 photos
Book covers, covers of all covers

APO Lanthar v Leica Elmar 9cm
30 photos
Because there's not anything else. I only did f4 and f5.6 and only showing the full scene at f5.6 for the two.

Kodak Rainbow Hawk-Eyes Nos. 2 and 2A 1930
21 photos

Koni Omega
10 photos

69 photos

Polaroid Advertisements
34 photos

1976 Pentax Lens Catalog
15 photos

Exakta - Ihagee
82 photos
Exakta and other Ihagee cameras

Fujica advertising
16 photos

Bessa R
133 photos

the other place
26 photos
in the city

b&w plants
25 photos

Minolta XE-5
81 photos

45 photos
Soviet 6x9 folding camera

1 photo

shade and reflect
9 photos

At least it is something
21 photos

Dreaming is free
18 photos

15 photos

19 photos

Bulidings, food, empty pavement
240 photos
walking and eating with the 28mm

FSS 1976
1 photo
Photos for the '76 Friends Select School (Philadelphia) year book. Pictures by me and other photographers. I did almost all the printing and developing so I ended up with the negs... and found them...

Least Interesting
28 photos, 1 video
Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 5th January 2018 at 11:07pm UTC

2 photos
Cody Melartin 8/5/85 - 2/24/12

Symbols in Stone
410 photos

on walls mostly
230 photos
signs, street art, grafitti

85 photos

932 photos

Jersey City
336 photos

windowish things
220 photos

176 photos
whilst walking around

NJ Transit
146 photos
I've been on the train a lot, through New Jersey. These are pictures through the train window.

Photography Ads Brochures and Manuals
1817 photos

Vintage Photographs
317 photos
Scans from very old magazines, to keep some of these old, often amateur, images alive

Camera fetishism
769 photos

Film, Chemistry, ads and info
254 photos

Kodak Advertising
209 photos

Contax Rangefinder Ads
15 photos

Graflex advertising
40 photos

Olympus Pen
87 photos
Ads and some pics from the '70s

Kodak Lens Manual 1941
18 photos

Photographic Lenses and Shutters, Richard W. St....
6 photos

minolta advertising
70 photos

1973 Yashica Lenses
11 photos

Pentax Advertising
94 photos

Nikon Advertising
97 photos

Olympus Advertising
31 photos

Leica Advertising
56 photos

1913 Hand Cameras
27 photos
A Handbook for Amateur Photographers, second edition, by R Child Bayley

Central Camera Company 1936 Almanac
19 photos

1958 Sears Camera Catalog
30 photos

1961 Sears Camera Catalog
39 photos

Vintage Camera Store Mail Order ads
93 photos
B&H Nationwide Minifilm 47th St Photo Adorama Cambridge Camera Olden Wall St Camera Garden Camera Bass Abe Cohen's

Vintage Advertising
751 photos

288 photos

84 photos

136 photos
Feel free to use, these are for sharing

through the viewfinder
165 photos
through the viewfinder of a Kodak Brownie Starflex, a Spartus Six Twenty, or Kodak Duaflex. Some other miscellaneous viewfinders have their place here too.

Buttermilk Falls
28 photos
From a trip to Ithaca in August 2009

69 photos
Modern photos, Brownie Starflex viewfinders, color of antique prints.

26 photos

Amelia and Josephine
66 photos
The adventures of the twins who are also grand aunt / grand niece to each other.

the Hudson river
143 photos

RIP Fuji Pro 160
86 photos
160nc, 160nps

Fujica GM670
72 photos

Ferrania Film
225 photos
Sadly, discontinued, Ferrania 100 and 400

Kodak Colorplus 200
158 photos
This low cost film doesn't have the best reputation, but I like it.

Kodak Verichrome
21 photos

Pictures of Nothing
82 photos
Mostly TTV for layering, also film ends and clouds.

Invert tutorial
4 photos

Color Frame tutorial
8 photos
Another way to color layers, using PS Elements www.flickr.com/groups/textures4layers/discuss/72157607671...

Brick Kat Tutorial
10 photos

Pin Dolly Super Sport
48 photos
Pinhole conversion of a Certo Super Sport Dolly

Car Ad
51 photos
car, automobile advertising

Taylor,Taylor&Hobson Cooke lens
51 photos
stuff about that wonderful triplet, and photos with it. Soft and dreamy wide open, nice definition when stopped down.

K W - Patent Etui Kamera / Radionar 6.3 -
41 photos
6.5 x 9 cm ultra-slim folding plate camera, with a dial-set Vario shutter. This would date the camera to the 1920's as it predates rim set shutters. There's a ground glass back and a film back... I...

Agfa Record II
24 photos

Ensign 220 Auto-Range
37 photos

Komura 135mm f2.3 preset
51 photos

Pentax 43/1.9 Limited
34 photos
stuff with the lens

Yashinon DS-M 50/1.7
25 photos

Yashinon DX 35/2.8
27 photos
B&W out and about

73 photos

39 photos

National Graflex
43 photos

Kodak Medalist
49 photos
A wonderful 1940's 620 rangefinder from Kodak - pictures and ads of, and with The camera case has the name of Capt P. L. Coffield US Air Force, of Durand, MI I believe this is the...

Minolta A-2
20 photos
a 1957 Japanese rangefinder - an excellent camera!

Konica C35
45 photos

Minolta Autocord
71 photos

Pentax 645
61 photos

Goerz Rollfilm Tenax Dogmar
42 photos
The Goerz Rollfilm Tenax was introduced in 1921. The Compur dial set shutter on this one dates it to somewhere between 1922 and 1924. The lens is C.P.Goerz Berlin. Dogmar f:4,5 F=10cm. 47xxxx D.R.P....

Ansco Super Memar
43 photos
Rebadged Agfa Super Silette, with an Agfa Solagon f/2 50mm lens, from '56-57 or so. Speeds from 1 to 1/500 + B, f/stops to f/22. Takes Retina folder size lens accessories. EVS system that's fairly...

Dacora Matic 4D
11 photos
Camera with 4 shutter buttons, one for each scale focus distance. Auto exposure, primitive shutter speed priority (shutter speed is fixed for each film speed setting).

Voigtlander Bessa 66
77 photos
Voigtlander Bessa 66 with Skopar from 1938

Voigtlander Bessa I Vaskar
87 photos

Ansco Shur-Shot
19 photos
Ansco Shur-Shot box camera

Kodak Retina
138 photos
Just to group em

120 folding camera
293 photos
Daughter's find of a pre-war folding camera that uses 120 film has opened up a deep yearn in me. Hope there's more to come. And there is - to join the Franka, I now have a Vogtlander Bessa that...

Ricoh Diacord
145 photos

Yashica Mat
86 photos

takumars compared
8 photos

So what does diffraction look like?
6 photos
Nikon 50/1.8 AF-D, D600; compare f/5.6, f/11 and f/22

Lens compare
39 photos
so the picture doesn't look all that different

I used to be disgusted
449 photos
Oh, I used to be disgusted And now I try to be amused But since their wings have got rusted You know, the angels wanna wear my red shoes

Jersey Shore
160 photos
Island Beach, South Seaside Park, Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant Beach: the Jersey Shore

Salem MA
42 photos

49 photos
Pictures, words in any direction

I me me mine
8 photos
Inevitable, innit, all the pics of self. Mainly because wherever I am, well, there I am, handy to be photographed by myself. All through the day, I me mine I me mine, I me mine All through the...

60 photos
Stars musical and moving pictures.

Yogis in NJ
4 photos
Loved reading Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. Plus Yogi Berra lives in Montclair.

Man Ray Gallery Show Feb 2008
36 photos

4th of July Parade, Montclair NJ
148 photos

74 photos

Montclair, NJ
30 photos

Walking the Dog
53 photos
Pictures taken/inspired whilst walking the dogs

Glass, Shadows, Reflections
40 photos

Vintage slides
58 photos
Half frame slides from '72-74, and late 50's/early 60's slides by father in law.

523 photos

Holly Days and Solstices
31 photos