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To be explored
77 photos
Images that I think deserve more recognition. Up to rocks on stream

79 photos
My photos with the highest interestingness rating

Most popular
41 photos
The photos with the most all time views. Unfortunately, not necessarily my best work .

My peronal favorites
98 photos
Some of my better shots that I like.

41 Asian Distraction
20 photos
September 2011: So it is possible to get lost carrying two GPS's! Started off with ambitious intentions, finished off where I was 2 years before. How did this happen? Was it another close shave...

40 Andamans
11 photos
May 2011: It wasn't until the crabs started jumping out of the bushes in the pitch blackness when I pondered, what the hell am I doing here? But it was sand, sea and samosas that lured me to these...

39 North East India
15 photos
March 2011: Land of Thali, tea and Tank tops! This forgotten corner of India is off the beaten track and barely in India at all! Oh and there’s not much “track” either! Although, this is...

38 Up’s and down’s in Nepal
32 photos
Baked beans are dangerous food at altitude! - The Annapurna trek taught me that. My shoes started falling apart during the three passes trek. And I started falling apart after making the summit of...

37 Tibet
14 photos
I suppose China's not that bad. But Tibet isn’t China! The Tibetan plateau has meant 3 things; 1 High altitudes 2. Lots of temples, and 3. You eat a lot of yak! Being "guided"...

37 Clockwise around China
16 photos
October 2010: Back to China and back to chopsticks and Chinglish! The mountains of southern China is my favorite part of the country, seeing less development and friendlier people. Old women in...

36 Up the wall and around Mongolia
20 photos
My cap band indicates my head has shrunk one whole inch, but I am unperturbed. I managed to escape from China over the great wall, only to find it more uncomfortable on the other side; The...

35 To HK and China
24 photos
My return to the Philippines to continue my RTW journey was fruitful. Subic bay hosted the China cup series and I secured passage to Hong Kong on a sailing vessel named Tipsy Frenz. The crew were...

34 Diversions1
20 photos
A diversion from traveling www.lsvdiversions.blogspot.com

33 Around the Philippines
18 photos
It seems I keep on spending far too much time on any one location. The Philippines has shocked and thrilled me over the past 2 months. Despite it being the last country in the whole of South East...

32 Sarawak to The Philippines
20 photos
Despite the long time between posting, I have done relatively little. I made a journey across Sarawak, to spend Christmas in an Iban Diak Longhouse, which was a real blast. People were super...

31 Manado to Malaysia
28 photos
Its been nice to finally capture some of the images I have been seeing under the water with a new canon PowerShot A570 IS to complement my EOS 400D. It was difficult to leave Indonesia behind in more...

30 The Wallace line
25 photos
After leaving a busy Bali, I ventured into Java and was shocked at the level of poverty, despite the islands sovereignty. I took a motorbike to zip around the majestic volcanoes of Bromo, before...

29 Dili to Bali
40 photos
This month I have been through more traveled paths. I left Dili without a scathe, despite Indonesian immigration, and headed for the islands to the North. I met up with a paleontologist who was mad...

28 Darwin to Dilli
34 photos
First load of pictures for this trip, 2 months after I departed. Its taken a long time to find a decent internet café. Timor is surprisingly undeveloped. So I sailed to Timor with Warrick Hill on...

26 Best Snaps
114 photos
A best of collection from my point and shoot days.

25 New camera and goodbye Australia 2008
19 photos
I have been buying new camera equipment and investing in lenses. I’ve also been learning advanced techniques to get the most out of my images.

International House gymnastics
9 photos
Ive been amping it up on my Travels. Spreading house gymnastics over the world. Not much "House" to the gymnastics anymore. Original site: www.housegymnastics.com

24 Samoa 2007
29 photos
Spent 2 weeks in Samoa. The smaller more populated island is Upolu, where my friend's village is located. I spent just under a week with my friends's family, cooking and eating yummy food. We spent 5...

23 OZ Holidays 2007
25 photos
I went away in February to Wollemi National Park, A real wilderness area. I spent some time liloing up and down the Colo River, exploring a few places. In March I went to Northern Blue Mountains for...

22 Mum And Dad In OZ 2006
26 photos
Mum And Dad In the Hunter for 2 weeks. We went everywhere. Stockton sand hills. Myall Lakes, The Vineyards, camping and Sydney. Had a great one. Thanks folks!

21 South Korea 2006
9 photos
South Korea Well, I only had a week, and most of the really cool stuff couldn’t be photographed. Eg the mad 8 story sauna complex. But it’s been a lot of fun. But probably wouldn’t...

20 Xmas in the UK 2005
8 photos
Xmas in the UK Surprise People, Well, I HAD YOU ALL!!! Lets face it. You weren’t expecting that one! What a great xmas. I had a lot of fun. And drank far too much for far to long. It was great...

19 Newcastle + Holidays 2005-2006
27 photos
Newcastle and some Holidays. Im living in New south wales, Australia. The climate is good. And im enjoying work. Ive been sailing for 2 years now, and race twice a week. There are Pictures from my...

18 Tazmania 2005
35 photos
Well, I finally got to Tasmania, The Island at the bottom of OZ. I shipped the Landcruiser over on the "Spirit of Tasmania", an eat all you can salmon and oyster spectacular (now...

17 Top to Bottom
30 photos
The Queensland and New South Wales outback. Atherton tablelands, Undara lava tubes, Opal mining in Opalton, Mungo NP, Blue Mountains NP. Great Route!

16 Cape York 2004
29 photos
From the Gulf, cutting through to the The Telegraph track directly. Spent around 2 weeks up there. What an adventure! Then back to Cairns. Full Circle in a year.

15 The Top End 2004
33 photos
Its been 6 weeks from Darwin to Cairns. Darwin, Litchfield NP, Kakadu NP, Gulf of Carpentaria and Nathan lost city. This was one of the best bits of OZ!

14 The Kimberly’s 2004
32 photos
So it’s been a long journey through the Kimberly's, Bungle Bungles and on to Darwin. I was traveling with Micheal and Roald. The roads were rough. The number plate fell off long ago, I've ripped a...

13 West Coast 2004
36 photos
West Coast So then, West coast! Back to the sea at last! I was traveling with these two d heads for 2 months. Mike (On the right) has been with me a while now. Ronald (In the middle) Is the new...

12 Adelaide to Perth via Alice 2004
48 photos
In the first part we set off to see the deserts of SA. Adelaide to Alice was the plan. We had to change the route a bit. It got muddy in places and we nearly sunk. But its been a blast. Alice...

11 Cairns to Mildura 2003-2004
36 photos
Australia. Well, I was in Cairns for 7 weeks in 2003. It was more fun than I thought. Work was a laugh, and I also worked for the RFDS. Teamed up with 3 German Girls and bought my Landcruiser 60...

10 East Africa 2003
36 photos
A bit of Northern Tanzania and allot of Uganda. And a brief visit to Kenya. Did an awesome safari there, saw lots of animals. Uganda is defiantly one of the best places I have been to for a long...

9 Round The World 2003
18 photos
Round the world in 4 weeks. About 10 days in each of California; (San Fransisco, LA), Tokyo, Thailand (Bangkok) and Egypt (Cairo and red sea diving). Sort of a mid trip break.

8 South America 2003
53 photos
I Spent 3 Months in South America in 2003. 1 Week in Chili, 9 Weeks in Bolivia, One in Argentina and 2 in Peru. My Spanish is still rubbish!

4 photos
Bring on the vanity !

Diversions I-Map
112 photos
This is a set of all the trips i've been on using aeroplanes. Or not part of the overland RTW trip.