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User / myoldpostcards / Northeast Corner of Main and Front Sts. Showing The Kringle Building, Stockton, Illinois
Randy von Liski / 14,681 items
Explore #21 on August 5, 2020.

A view of the northeast corner of N. Main and E. Front Street in Stockton's business district. On the corner is the Kringle Building at 101 N. Main St. This handsome commercial building was designed by Peter Schroeder, who also was the primary architect of the W. E. White building shown previously. Constructed in 1897, the architectural style is Queen Anne.

The mural seen on the E. Front St. side of the building is the work of Chris Shannon, a member of All River Road Talent, a collection of artists and crafters. The first wall painting done by Shannon in Stockton was the large sunset with cows "Welcome To Stockton" mural shown in my Main Street post. Murals can be found on several of the buildings in Stockton's small but colorful business district.

The Village of Stockton is located in Jo Daviess County and is approximately 28 miles ESE of Galena, the county seat. The estimated population of Stockton in 2019 was 1,712.

Stockton is best known as the birthplace of the Kraft Corporation. In 1914, the Kraft Brothers opened a cheese factory in Stockton, and operated it until Kraft sold the facility in 1998. This was the first cheese plant opened by J.L. Kraft.
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