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Unlikely Machines
5 photos
A series of unnecessary and highly unlikely interconnected complexity....

Unlikely Aircraft
2 photos

Unlikely Architecture
6 photos
Developing on a theme of unlikely buildings, stripped down to their essence.

Unlikely Weapons
16 photos
A collection of very unlikely, futuristic guns and weapons.

Character Design
14 photos
Some illustrations that work toward some sort of book or story illustration. One day.

The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into...
9 photos
Exercises created this fantastic illustration course available at www.domestika.org/en

Pocklington Illustrated
18 photos
Watercolour illustrations from around the Market Town of Pocklington in the Yorkshire Wolds.

Many Faces Project
12 photos
Developing a bunch of characters and thinking about their stories. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the...

14 photos
Riffs on the Jolly Roger. A bit of namesake for me....

36 photos

Conference Call Doodles
10 photos

10 photos

9 photos

50 photos
Highlights from various urbexing trips from over the years.

33 photos
Geometric and minimal shots

34 photos

Black & White
19 photos

About town
20 photos
Odd, opportunistic shots taken while walking around various towns and cities.

Abstract & Minimal
25 photos

Graphic Design
2 photos

16 photos

24 photos
Various street art

Food & Drink
13 photos

8 photos

24 photos

Urbex : Codename "CF"
20 photos
A trip out to an abandoned military barracks in West Yorkshire. 13 March, 2016

Urbex : Blue Church
4 photos
A cold wet visit to the barren north of Bradford. An old empty church with a beautiful blue ceiling.

3 photos

Martial Arts
10 photos

Inktober 2018
31 photos
A little more prepared this year, and developed a square framed theme which turned out well. The biggest challenges were "exhausted" and "stretch", which I'm fairly happy...

Inktober 2017
30 photos

Inktober 2020
32 photos

Inktober 2019
31 photos
Building on the sense of a theme from last year's square frames. This time I've tried emphasising the use of ink, although it's been difficult to resist the temptation of adding colour!