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User / Mukul Banerjee (www.mukulbanerjee.com) / Baoli at Purana Qila, New Delhi
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The name 'Baoli' is also known as 'Bawdi', 'Baori' sometimes spelled as 'Bauri' in the Hindu language and derived from a Sanskrit word called 'Wapi', 'Vapika' or 'Vapi'. In the States of Gujarat and Rajasthan, 'Steps well' are known as 'Baoli', 'Vav', 'Vavadi' or 'Vavdi' seen in Temples usually built during the ancient period as reservoirs. A few of these Baolis are even known to date back to the Indus Valley Civilisation period.
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  • Taken: Feb 5, 2011
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  • Updated: Feb 22, 2013