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23 items

Dragonslayers descend on Bournemouth
15 photos

Bournemouth Airport 2013-2018
231 photos

Dakota Sunrise
10 photos
16th and 17th of January saw DC-3C/BT-67 C-GGSU pass through Southampton Airport en route to Papua New Guinea. An epic journey for an aircraft built in 1942!

RIAT 2017
92 photos
Weather was awful on the Saturday so most of these are from the departures on the Monday

BOH Night shots
26 photos

USS George H W Bush
26 photos

Web photos
23 photos

CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt
25 photos
This March,the USS Theodore Roosevelt paid a visit to Stokes Bay and thanks to Ian B I was able to fly over it and take these.

Typhoon Specials by Day and Night
20 photos
Once again Goodwood Festival of Speed was upon us and the Typhoon Display Team came to stay on our apron and use our facility at JETS Bournemouth. They were due to arrive on the Friday and I was...

N102VS LJ25 shoot
10 photos
Thanks to the guys at Calspan for allowing these to be taken and to Sig/CSE for allowing the access.

Heathrow:A Different perspective
11 photos

Sea Vixen Nightshoot
17 photos

29Sqn Typhoon night shoot
12 photos

4 Days with the RAF Typhoon Display Team
22 photos
Hi All Following on from successfully hosting the Red Arrows a while ago,the company I work for was asked to host this years Typhoon Display Team over the weekend of Goodwood Festival of...

SPTA Ex Pashtun Dawn/Jaguar
45 photos

New Forest Wildlife Park
85 photos
Set in the New Forest near Ashurst,Hampshire in woodland is the New Forest Wildlife Park.It has a world renowned reputation for rehabitualising Otters,and has bred them successfully too.Apart from...

Bournemouth Air Festival 2011
56 photos
This year's festival got off to a damp start to say the least with the first day's flying cancelled due to record rainfall! The rest of the show went ahead for the other 3 days,which as you will all...

Classic Jets at Bournemouth
10 photos

Moroccan T-6C Texans at Bournemouth
15 photos
Three Moroccan A/F T-6C Texan IIs passed through Bournemouth on delivery over the period of 24/25/26th January 2011.The fourth developed tech difficulties and flew into Oxford/Kidlington. These 3...

Spook CASA 212 N4399T
4 photos
This EP Aviation/Blackwater Casa transited through Bournemouth 20/11/10 on its way from Africa back to the States,staying one night.

Iraqi Air Force Texans at Bournemouth
8 photos
More Texan IIs on delivery,this time for the Iraqis.They arrived on the 16th November and stayed a couple of nights.

Israeli A/F Texans at Bournemouth
10 photos
493 & 494 on delivery to the Israeli Air Force passing through Bournemouth Airport 2 Oct 2010.Followed by 496 & 497 on 25 October 2010

C-FTGI Basler BT-67 Turbo Dak
17 photos
Thanks to all at Bell Geospace and Aurum Exploration involved in arranging this airside visit to this fascinating aircraft,currently based at Bournemouth Airport on Geo-survey work.We were told to...