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User / D Breezy - davidthompsonphotography.com / Triple Window
David Thompson / 314 items
What’s up everyone! Happy New Year to all of you guys out there! New year, new image, Let’s go! Let’s get the new year started right with some new imagery!

Something totally different and unique from the the bayou! One of the compositions that I find hard to find in nature, is the window frame composition. Your subject is framed by other objects creating a window effect. These compositions look so awesome when you can find them. With this particular scene, you have multiple windows framing a lone bald cypress tree in the background. By far one of my most unique images that I've made last year and over the years. I’ll go to say, one of the more unique images that I’ve seen come from the bayou. Instant classic for me!
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  • Taken: Jan 24, 2022
  • Uploaded: Jan 24, 2022
  • Updated: Mar 15, 2022