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1640 photos, 6 videos
My family.

55 photos
My second wife, Cheri.

Friends and Interests
1401 photos, 1 video
Friends, events, and places that have impacted my life.

American Comics Group
1214 photos
My book, Forbidden Adventures: The History of the American Comics Group, covers the years this publisher was in business, around 1943 to 1967. Before that, it was the "Sangor Shop"...

Airship 27
421 photos, 1 video
News about the pulp novel publisher, Airship 27.

Light's End magazines etc.
93 photos
Covers from magazines and books containing my Light's End short stories.

Light's End, Maine
409 photos
Everything pertaining to Light's End, Maine.

Light's End retail stuff
53 photos
My hideous little town seems normal on the retail level, eh?

Light's End entertainment
54 photos
Anything that was entertaining in Light's End Maine: theaters, movies, drawings, music, etc.

Holiday Out
988 photos
In the 1980s, I created and wrote a comic strip called Holiday Out that ran in newspapers, magazines, and small press publications for five years.

Straw Men
211 photos
This eight issue mini-series was written with R. A. Jones, and received very good reviews.

Angel of Death
101 photos
This four issue mini-series was drawn by Mike Roberts, written by yours truly, Michael Vance, and published by Innovation Comics. It is of the genre of Science Fiction/Horror.

76 photos
Only the first of three issues of The Adventures of Captain Nemo was published. For the first time, all three issues will be posted on this site. Written by Michael Vance, it was drawn by Rob Davis.

Comics reviews
1055 photos
Beginning in 1989, I wrote or co-wrote a comics review column called Suspended Animation. It ran each week for twenty years under my 'pen' or supervision, and continues today under the able hands of...

29 photos
This is the last comic book I ever wrote. A second and third issue were written, but never published.

Guns 'n Bruises
9 photos
Art by Guy Burwell, words by Michael Vance. Published in Warped #1, a Mad-like magazine. My story was the lead feature and was a parody of the rock and roll group, Guns and Roses.

89 photos
The first comic strip I wrote ran as a 1/2 tabloid page each week in a 'shopper' I published first called The Oklahoma Advertiser, and then The Advertiser. It started in 1976; the tabloid had a...

The Zits of Venus
10 photos
First a segment in my comic strip, Holiday Out, and then published in Ocean Comics #1 (Ocean, 1985), the Zits of Venus is a parody of old horror/sf late night television shows that broadcast B...

You're Only As Old
8 photos
Published first as a part of my comic strip, Holiday Out, You're Only As Old As You Steal was featured in Comico Primer with art by Richard "Grass" Green, and words by yours truly.

Published Work
136 photos
My published work outside of Light's End materials.

Supper With The Stars
178 photos
Each year, in conjunction with Trek Expo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tulsa Boys' Home benefits from Supper with the Stars at which the writers, actors, and actresses come and mingle with the fans.

Duane Hanson art
107 photos
Duane was the first artist I worked with in comics, and remains one of my favorites. I probalby did more work with Duane than with any other artist. What a great guy.

Haste Makes Paste
10 photos
This splash page opens up Holiday Out Comics #1 (March, 1987, Renegade Press) and the story "Haste Makes Paste" featuring Plastic Mam and Rok. This story was originally a sequence in my...

No Noose
13 photos
After I moved to Oklahoma, I did this "pony tab" for the Seminole Producer newpaper. It was done in the style of the old The Spirit newspaper suppliments by Will Eisner. It won best...

Song Lyrics
62 photos
As a young man, I wrote lyrics for songs. Most have music set to them, and I have primitive recordings of most as well, but none ever found a publisher. To read these, hit the "All Sizes"...

The Zoo
8 photos
Art by Stan Timmons and John Borkowski, words by Michael Vance, this unpublished comic book story was submitted to Charlton Comic's "Bulleye" title, and was rejected because of the art.

In The Out Door
16 photos
Here is the first comic book style Light's End short story, published before I ever wrote the first prose Light's End story. Art by Stan Timmons with inks by Charles T. Smith. Cetainly influenced by...

Where Bright Angel Feet Have Trod
9 photos
This is the second Light's End story I wrote. Art by Stan Timmons and Charles T. Smith. It is a science-fiction/horror short story that has been published several times in this form, and several...

Comics Work
249 photos
Here is my work in comics, the folks I worked with, and comics that influenced me as I grew up in Light's End! I created and/or wrote all of the original work.

Richard Grass Green
67 photos
This is the art of Richard "Grass" Green, a founding father of comics fandom, an artist whom I worked with on many projects (including the comic strip "Holiday Out", and my dear,...

Home Team
19 photos
Play It Safe Comics was created as a premium or gift to teach young kids safety as they colored. It is unpublished. If you are a company, firestation, police department, etc. interested in...

239 photos
Publicity about my work.

God's Kids
14 photos
Artist Richard "Grass" Green and I created a children's coloring/song book for young children. I have never found a publisher for it. I wrote the text and the song lyrics; Grass did the...

Head Count
8 photos
Because of the success of several earlier newspaper suppliments I did, I produced the Halloween Fun Book as advertising manager of the Ada Evening News newspaper. This is a parody of ACG horror...

Letters and Research
50 photos
Letters and materials used to research my books and articles from professionals and celebrities.

71 photos
These artists had an influence on my writing, directly and indirectly, throughout my life.