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Americana (and old Rt 66)
78 photos
I love finding these old world places that feel like classic Americana.

My Favorites
130 photos
Well, here they are. My favorite photos in my collection.

Ethereal Dreamscapes
195 photos
It's hard to describe this set. It's even harder to decide what I should put in this set. Basically... Anything soft, moody, and dreamlike. Fog. Lightrays. A path through a foggy forest... Early...

Funny Descriptions
112 photos
I have a strange sense of humor. A lot of people have written me and thanked me for brightening their day with my crazy stories and wacky photo descriptions. I have tried to compile as many of...

130 photos

139 photos
There are many areas of the southwest that just look like a whole other planet. This set is for some of the most bizarre places and rock formations I have ever encountered. The stranger, the better!

164 photos
It's pictures of cities and stuff. Duh! I like to spend most of my time out in the wilderness. This set is for where I spend the rest of my time.

Stormy Weather
88 photos
When it comes to photography, The nastier the weather the more interesting the photo. Rain. Snow. Ominous clouds. Lightning. Anything stormy. No blue skies allowed!!!!!

77 photos
There are lots more night photos in my Cityscapes set. I tried to keep this set more for scenery. Moonlight and star photos.

Tropical Getaways
102 photos
This set is for anything with palm trees, or aqua colored water.

114 photos
As I travel around the country in my big motorhome, I see some strange and unusual stuff. Here's some of it.

Ice & Snow
116 photos

Sunrises & Sunsets
124 photos

22 photos

71 photos

National Parks
299 photos
There are about 55 National Parks in the US. I have been to something like, 35 of them. These are some of those photos. Some parks in this set... Arches Bryce Canyon Canyonlands Capitol Reef Grand...

Doors, Windows & Architecture
118 photos
This set started out as just doors and windows, but has been expanded to include any architecture. Especially, old architecture. I love shooting interesting buildings almost as much as I love...

40 photos
I have always enjoyed doing portraits that are, anything but, your standard stuffy portrait. I hate sitting someone down in front of some generic backdrop. I love shooting portraits of kids. I love...

175 photos
If it's got water, it's in this set. The Atlantic. The Pacific. The Gulf Of Mexico. The Bay of Fundi. The Gulf Of St Lawrence. Even some of the Great Lakes, and Lake Tahoe.

143 photos
Animals of all kinds. Large and small. Some are wild, others are in zoos.

Rainbow Series
32 photos
No... I'm not gay! I just like rainbows, alright!

56 photos
For 12 years I worked as a full time photojournalist. First at the Suburban News in north Jersey, then The Coast Star, in south Jersey. In the six years since leaving the Coast Star, I have...

Southwest Sandstone
74 photos
The southwest is extremely diverse. There is everything from desert to waterfalls to snow capped mountains. This gallery is dedicated to the classic red sandstone rock formations that the west is...

Permanent Roadtrip
51 photos
I've always loved a good roadtrip. So much so, that two years ago, I sold my house and bought a huge motorhome. Now I'm on a permanent roadtrip, travelling around taking pictures. This is a new...

Flowers & Macro
55 photos
Not what most people think of as my style. But... I do occasionally get in close with the macro lens and shoot some floral closeups. Even an occasional butterfly.

104 photos

26 photos

113 photos
Shooting interior shots for bed & breakfasts is one way I support myself while on the road. This has been a specialty I have been doing for over ten years now. Back then B&B's were just...

Balloon Festivals
63 photos

1 photo
There is nothing to see here. Move along.............. This is just to separate my "Subject Matter" sets from my "State by State" sets.

61 photos
These have been accumulated through several trips to eastern Canada. A trip up to the north side of Lake Superior. A trip up along Lake Lake Huron, and several trips through Nova Scotia. The Largest...

38 photos

413 photos

206 photos

155 photos

109 photos
Don't know what more of a description I can give for this set. These were all taken in Florida (It's that state that sticks out into the Gulf of Mexico... It's where all the old people live.)

31 photos
These were all taken on the big island of Hawaii. The first question everybody asks when I say that, is. What is the big island called? It's called the big island! The second question everybody asks...

68 photos

New Mexico
159 photos

New Jersey
68 photos
Why a set for New Jersey, you may be wondering? Well... I lived there for most of my life... Until a few years ago.

62 photos

Utah & Nevada
193 photos
I LOVE southern Utah. It's like a whole other planet.

30 photos
This gallery covers from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire/Vermont, it does not include New Jersey, or Maine which have their own galleries.

97 photos
This gallery covers from Maryland to Georgia/Alabama. It does not include New Jersey and Florida which have their own galleries.

Central Plains
55 photos
This set includes photos from Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma

Pacific Northwest
22 photos
This gallery covers from South Dakota to northern California.

This Month
144 photos
Every month or two since I took off in the motorhome and headed off into the sunset, I have sent out a big email to a mailing list of friends and family talking about my travels. I am going to post...

Last Month
54 photos
Every month or two since I took off in the motorhome and headed off into the sunset, I have sent out a big email to a mailing list of friends and family talking about my travels. I am going to post...

The Month Before
125 photos
Every month or two since I took off in the motorhome and headed off into the sunset, I have sent out a big email to a mailing list of friends and family talking about my travels. I am going to post...