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Last night I took a little adventure out to the middle of absolutely nowhere, someplace in northern Nevada, in search of the bizarre and obscure, "Fly Geyser". I drove around and scouted the place out in the dark, in hopes of making it there for a sunrise shoot. I knew that even finding it was a long shot. Getting to it was an even longer shot, but it has been on my list for ages. So. After getting the lay of the land, I managed to find a tiny little dirt road. I drove as far off the main road as possible, and found an inconspicuous place to sleep in the back of my truck out in the desert. We had one of the best night skies I have seen in ages. The Milky Way was streaking across the sky, while a few wispy clouds blew by.

There was absolutely nothing to put in the foreground, but I figured I would try shooting a few long exposures of the night sky. I had nothing else to do. I had no TV, and I couldn't even play with my new iPhone. No signal out there.

This was shot with my fisheye. I wanted to get as much of the sky in frame as possible.

While I decide which Fly Geyser shot to work on first, I thought I would throw this one up, since it is pretty much straight out of the camera and didn't require any real photoshop work.

1 minute exposure
F 2.8
1600 ISO
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  • Taken: Aug 24, 2011
  • Uploaded: Aug 25, 2011
  • Updated: Oct 10, 2015