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Really crappy light!

I struggled with some seriously harsh light during my entire visit to Sequoia National Park.

Here's some more gigantic trees. This was a fantastic grove of Sequoia trees I found in the park that not many people visit. A beautiful unspoiled area. Lots of huge trees without all the walkways and fences you find in the more touristy spots.

One thing that I have noticed, every time I get in the mountains… I find it baffling, how many people have no idea how to drive in the mountains. Sequoia National Park was a perfect example of that. The park is at 6000-7000 feet elevation. My campsite outside the park was at about 300 feet elevation. So, going home every night was all downhill. I could pretty much coast all the way home. It seemed like, every night, I was behind some idiot whose brake lights were on continuously the entire way down the mountain. Here's this month's driving tip… DON'T DO THAT!!! Put it in low gear, and give the brakes an occasional tap! Duh! There was one night in particular that I remember. This guy's brake lights seriously, never went out once, for about 15 minutes straight. I had to drop back about 500 feet behind him because I was choking on the smell of his burning brakes. I could actually see smoke coming from his wheels. The hotter brakes get, the worse they work. It may be a rental car that you don't give a crap about. But… If the brakes burst into flames and stop working, you will still die, whether it's your car or not.
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  • Taken: Jun 21, 2011
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