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I had an absolutely magical afternoon for shooting today. I just can't resist shooting these old southern plantations, with their perfect rows of Live Oak trees. I've shot several of these before, but never with such spectacular light as this. The light rays are actually from smoke. Today must have been official 'Burn Your Farm' day in Louisiana. Every single farm I drove past all afternoon had lit their fields on fire, The air was filled with smoke. The wind kept shifting, so the smoke kept coming and going. Of course, every time I lined up a perfect shot, the damn smoke would suddenly disappear, the air would go totally clear, and the magic was lost, so I spent a lot of time standing there anxiously hoping the wind would shift, to bring back the smoke. Eventually, I got my shot!
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  • Taken: Jan 13, 2009
  • Uploaded: Jan 18, 2009
  • Updated: Oct 1, 2016