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Well, this was a fun place to shoot. The Thanksgiving Square, in Dallas. Thanks to my friend Susan. She showed me some photos of this place, and I thought, 'that's really cool. I'd love to shoot that at dusk' ...So, I did. It was interesting! Now... I'm not a racist, but... When I'm the only white person within sight, and I'm carrying a camera bag and tripod worth thousands of dollars, I feel, well... Uncomfortable. When people keep coming up to me, and asking me for money. I feel... Even more uncomfortable. I normally never give beggars money, but I actually would have, just to make them happy, but all I had in my wallet was one $20 bill... Now, I'm not going to give them a $20... I don't want to tell them that I have a $20. Because, then they'd know that I had a $20. I certainly don't want to ask them, "Well, can you break a $20?" So, I just did the obvious, and acted dumb, and said I had no money, and hoped that they wouldn't realize that I may have no money, but I have thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment! I was really glad to make it back to my truck. And... If anyone is looking to buy some good Crack. Go to Thanksgiving Square, in Dallas.

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  • Taken: Nov 23, 2008
  • Uploaded: Nov 24, 2008
  • Updated: Apr 11, 2015