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No... I didn't shoot this one today. This is a re-post from many years ago. A weak hurricane I shot in Acadia National Park.

I just couldn't post some sunny, palm tree photo today.

I want to send my thoughts and prayers out to everyone in my home state of New Jersey. To my Mom and all my dear friends along the Jersey shore. I worked as a photojournalist for several newspapers along the coast there from Seaside Heights to Point Pleasant to Belmar to Long Branch. I know every inch of that coast like I was there yesterday and it will always feel like home to me. Thousands of great businesses, fantastic restaurants I have visited or photographed for the newspaper. (best subs and pizza in the world) Thousands of awesome, friendly people I have met in those years.

Don't believe what you saw on the TV show, "Jersey Shore"... They're not all like that... Really.

Best of luck to you all.
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  • Taken: Oct 29, 2012
  • Uploaded: Oct 29, 2012
  • Updated: Feb 17, 2017