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Well... It's that time again. Today was the start of the HUGE Albuquerque balloon festival! No, I'm not there yet. But, I am going again. I should be there by Monday. This is an old photo. I just changed the date posted. This was my favorite balloon photo from two years ago.

(OK... To be perfectly honest. The only reason I changed the date on this photo is THIS... My very good friend Wes (flickr's BamaWester) has this one photo that has something like 1100 faves. He always likes to mention how many faves that stupid photo has, and how it has SO many more faves than any of MY photos. This is my most faved photo and it's sitting somewhere around 1000 faves. So... If you could PLEASE, PLEASE fave this I would REALLY appreciate it. THANKS! If you fave it, I'll send you a dollar. (Well... Maybe not) Ummmmmmm.. OK, I can email you a picture of a dollar. Hows that?)

It would really be fun to pass him, just to piss him off. THANKS!

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  • Taken: Oct 9, 2007
  • Uploaded: Oct 3, 2009
  • Updated: Nov 6, 2019