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It’s been a really sad week around here. I had to bid a fond farewell to one of the greatest friends I have ever had. My black Lab, Spot. I’ve had several dogs, and most have their quirks and annoy the crap out of me from time to time. But. Spot was just… Perfect. I honestly can not remember ever being mad at her for one minute of her entire life. The only quirk I can think of was her obsession with humping legs. She was a not the most dainty of girls. Definitely a bit of a lesbo.

I shot this just a few days ago. Thought I’d do one last portrait of her. Amazingly, she was only a couple months away from turning 15 years old. Pretty amazing for a pure breed large dog. She has been by my side since she was 10 weeks old.

She has had a great life. She has been in 46 different states. She has gotten to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, The Pacific. The Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of St Laurence. The Great Lakes. The Bay of Fundi. Great Salt Lake. Etc. Etc... Spot loved to swim.
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  • Taken: Feb 13, 2015
  • Uploaded: Feb 16, 2015
  • Updated: Aug 16, 2015