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The art deco tower was originally designed by architect Lester H. Hillbard for an auto sales and service building in 1930. After that it served a variety of purposes: in 1942 it became an office and merchandise building for Lerner Shops. In the late 1950s it was a printing plant. In more recent years the property has been subdivided to accommodate a variety of shops devoted to health and beauty. Art deco details of the facade include the hammered copper finials at the top of each column and the urn in the center of the tower.

Stanton, Reed & Hibbard (Forrest Q. Stanton, Harold E. Reed, and Lester H. Hibbard were the contractors on the building; the latter is listed as architect on some building records pertaining to the firm's projects. The architect, Lester Hudson Hibbard (1886-1972) was associated with the firms Chambers and Hibbard, Architects; Hibbard and Cody, Architects; Hibbard and Gerity, Architects; Hibbard, Gerity and Kerton, Architects; Hibbard, Lester, Architect; Hibbard, Lester H., Architect; Hunt and Grey, Architects; Stanton, Reed and Hibbard. He worked as a draftsman for Myron Hunt and Elmer Grey, Architects in 1910; Draftsman and Structural Engineer, Myron Hunt and Elmer Grey, Architects, 1910-1912; Partner, Hibbard and Cody, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1915; Partner, Hibbard, Gerity and Kerton, Architects, Los Angeles, CA; Partner, Hibbard Gerity, Architects, Los Angeles, CA; Principal, Lester H. Hibbard, Architect, Los Angeles, CA; Partner, and with Chambers and Hibbard, Architects in 1948. He attended the University of California, Berkeley where obtained the Bachelor of Science degree in 1909; M.S., University of California, Berkeley, 1910; graduate study in architecture, University of California, Berkeley, 1911; Born in Missouri, Hibbard died in San Diego County, CA, at the age of 86;

The building is located at 356 South Western Avenue in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Too bad the signage on the building is not restricted to a moderne font; it would certainly add to the building's special appeal.
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