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The Hotel Venetur Alba Caracas (former Hotel Hilton Caracas prior to its expropriation, and Hotel Alba Caracas until 2010) is a 5 star hotel owned by the Venezuelan hotel chain VENETUR . It is located in the cultural and financial center of Caracas , between Av. México and Av. Sur 25, it has an excellent view of El Ávila National Park and Los Caobos Park , it has direct access to the Caracas Metro at its Bellas Artes station . Hotel Alba Caracas is the second highest hotel in Venezuela , with a height of 103 meters, although it is not easy to specify since many hotels have not provided exact data. Hotel Alba Caracas will be the third highest hotel in Caracas when the construction of the Isla Multiespacio Hotel in Carabobo, which will have a height of 125 meters is completed.

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