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User / Michael Locke / Palacio Municipal de Caracas, Alejandro Chataing 1906
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Venezuelan architect Alejandro Chataing designed the Neoclassical style Palacio Municipal de Caracas, or Consejo Municipal de Caracas in 1906. The palacio is the City Hall of Caracas, Venezuela, located on the corner of Gradillas a Monjas opposite the Plaza Bolívar. The building dates from the seventeenth century ; it was the focal point for the Constitutional Convention, and signing of the Declaration of Independence in the nineteenth century (declared on 5 July 1811 and hence known as the "cradle of independence").

The west wing of the building, the Capilla de Santa Rosa de Lima (Santa Rosa chapel), the chapel where Venezuela's independence was declared in 1811, has been fully restored and furnished with authentic period pieces. The ground floor houses the Museo Caracas (Caracas Museum), which contains works by Venezuela's most celebrated painters and many other historic artifacts.

Designated a Venezuela National Historic Landmark on 16 February 1979. Located at Av Sur 2, Caracas 1012, Distrito Capital, Venezuela.

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