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User / Michael Locke / 265 North Sunset Way, Jack & Bernie Meiselman 1957
Michael Locke / 38,440 items
Developers Jack and Bernie Meiselman designed and built affordable mid--century modern homes in Palm Springs with attributes similar in deign to the homes being built by the Alexander Construction Company including butterfly roofs, clerestory windows and tongue and groove ceilings. Designed so similar that it is often difficult to distinguish the difference..

The story is told that "wherever Alexander was buying land, the Meiselmans would buy the adjacent parcels. Old school parasites. they came up with a "Modified Alexander" layout and built roughly 350 tract homes sprinkled among the Alexander Homes. The Meiselman Home is no more cheaply built than the equivalent Alexander. While not exactly death traps, they all used the cheapest materials available. The Meiselman home introduced a nice separation of space by configuring the guest rooms on the opposite side of the house from the Master".

Located in the Alejo Palms Estates subdivision of Palm Springs, California. Please do not use this image in any media without my permission. © All rights reserved.
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