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User / Michael Locke / Los Angeles City Historical Society Holiday Gala Dinner at the Historic Wilshire Boulevard Temple, December 10, 2013
Michael Locke / 39,189 items
The Los Angeles City Historical Society held its Annual Holiday Gala at the historic Wilshire Boulevard Temple on December 10, 2013. The Temple reminds me of my own and only trip to Istanbul and visiting the Haga Sofia and other great churches and temples of Byzantium. Massive and mysterious, the interior is opulent with black marble, inlaid gold, rich mosaics, rare woods and exquisite murals depicting the history of the Hebrews (by Hugo Ballin). The annual dinner honored groups and individuals who have contributed to the preservation of Los Angeles' history.

Recipients included "LA as Subject, honored with the J. Thomas Owen History Memorial Award; Raphe Sonenshein, Honorary Life Member Award; Darnel Hunt and Ana-Christina Ramon, Miriam Mathews Ethnic History Award and Glen Creason, the David G. Cameron Preservation Award.

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