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User / Michael Locke / Grossman House, Raphael Soriano 1964
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Architect Raphael Soriano designed the mid-century modern house for Albert Grossman. Grossman was a cousin of Abe Grossman, the man who invented the Glide Aluminum window. Albert Grossman was a successful aluminum contractor who wanted to build the first all aluminum home, and was fascinated by the idea of displaying his craft in his own home. At the same time, Soriano was hoping to design aluminum houses for Gen. Luis Somoza, the President of Nicauragua, and had approached Grossman for his expertise. Although nothing ever became of the Nicauragua scheme, it provided an opportunity for Soriano to build the house for Grossman.

The Grossman House is currently on the market listed for sale for $2,895,000 and is described in the listing as "Designated a Cultural Heritage Monument in 1997 ('El Paradiso'), this remarkable mid-century modern 'house of glass' is constructed primarily of steel, aluminum & glass. Believed to be the last of Soriano's projects occupied by the commissioning party, the structure centers around a glassed in solarium covered in skylights. Interior demising walls are finished with Micarta laminate in a variety of colors while the flooring is primarily terrazzo. Private serene setting with some views. Grounds, patios & pool punctuated with unique perforated aluminum walls. The recipient of National American Institute of Architects Award for Design & VII International Pan American Congress Award, Soriano was a protégé of Richard Neutra & interned with Rudolph Schindler".

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