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User / Michael Locke / Skinner House, William Kesling, Designer 1936
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The Skinner House is located at 1530 Easterly Terrace. There are a number of original Keslings surviving in Silver Lake. There are a half a dozen around Easterly Terrace and Silverwood Terrace alone.Look for the telltale signs of a Kesling home: curving roof lines with matching balconies; horizontal bands of windows, creating an open, airy feeling without being overly exposed; frequent use of glass block, and most of the essential elements of the Streamline Moderne Style.

Snubbed by his peers because of a lack of formal schooling, Kesling's work has survived remarkably, a testament to his achievements. The Skinner House, located at 1530 Easterly Terrace, for example, was listed at $1,095,000 in April 2005 and was in escrow within the week. It will most certainly be one of the highest selling homes in area code 2006 to date.

There is a excellent book on William Kesling titled 'Kesling Modern Structures: Popularizing Modern Design in Southern California' that makes for fascinating reading. The book chronicles the man and his work, beginning in Los Angeles in the 1930's his downfall and fall from grace, and his later re-emergence in San Diego during World War II where he experienced a new appreciation for his talents.

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