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User / Michael Locke / Sunset Plaza Park "Polka Dot Plaza", Rios Clementi Hale Studios 2012
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Sunset Triangle Plaza, popularly referred to as "Polka Dot Plaza", opened in 2012 under the Streets for People (S4P) Initiative, sponsored by the Los Angeles Planning Commission and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Rios Clementi Hale helped develop a set of design elements that would transform an underutilized public right of way into a safe and vibrant public space for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

The key concept is to inexpensively reclaim under utilized public spaces and involve local residents and businesses in the design and maintenance. Using paint and planters allowed the program to recapture this street in months, rather than decades, and for thousands, rather than millions, of dollars.

Sunset Triangle Plaza is outlined by rows of planters working as bollards to demarcate the 11,000-square-foot site. Moveable bistro tables with umbrellas and chairs and a whimsical painted street surface help create a community atmosphere and a respite in the middle of a busy neighborhood. The existing pocket park complements the new plaza.

The twice-weekly farmer’s market continues to operate uninterrupted, parking spaces were added back in along Sunset Boulevard to accommodate for some of those lost in the planning, and all street furniture is brought inside each evening to maintain its quality and cleanliness. The pilot project has been extremely well-received by area residents. During the summer months, book readings and movie screenings are held regularly at the park.

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