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ELISABETTA: LOVE, PEACE and stay safe... / 80 items

25 photos

215 photos

339 photos

My funny glasses
13 photos

MEP'S art loves Scuderia Ferrari
63 photos

Arabian style
103 photos

111 photos

a rose a day
371 photos
... one day a Dear Friend of mine asked me "a rose a day"... this is a promise and it will be forever....

red passion
374 photos
My dear Friends, I feel the necessity to write two lines about the title of this set: my "red passion" is coming from the fact that form the time I used the analogical films to take...

food & drinks
537 photos
My Friends, you are the most welcome to my Food Collection... I wish to say You that all photos are composed with REAL, EATABLE FOODS, either at the restaurant or in my home; in addition, foods...

My recipes
58 photos
My Friends, you are the most welcome to my Food recipes Collection... I wish to say You that all photos are composed with REAL, EATABLE FOODS; foods captured in my home are made by myself in my...

My Cars
64 photos

digital work
338 photos

Dedicated to a movie
1 photo

A lighthouse for dreaming
28 photos

a magic tale
142 photos

My Sardinia: vacations at paradise
343 photos

My Livorno (IT)
85 photos

My Mountains
144 photos

Bienvenue à Paris
176 photos

The magic of Garda lake
87 photos

Toy Story
78 photos

my music
29 photos

Venice: Lido and sea
149 photos

ships and boats in Venice
116 photos

All my ships and boats
172 photos

the best from Venice
322 photos

the Venice Lagoon
94 photos

320 photos

48 photos

decor your city!!!
129 photos

Benvenuti a Milano
165 photos

my town
19 photos

Shops and street views
72 photos

Interior Design
64 photos

city landscapes
182 photos

Buildings, windows & doors
238 photos

art & architecture
307 photos

architecture: just a rebuilt
3 photos

on black
126 photos

76 photos

taken in my garden
253 photos

flowers, plants and trees
1028 photos

Nature gives us her heart
32 photos
Very often we have not time to stop our daily activities and look very carefully at nature all around us... Well, my Friends, if we can do it, we can discover without difficulties that HEART SHAPE...

159 photos

a gem of light
142 photos

golden framed flowers
27 photos

32 photos

Historical gardens and villas
129 photos

138 photos

Countryside and all around
109 photos

sea, sky and clouds
168 photos

my sky
139 photos

226 photos

34 photos

life in a field
114 photos

My microcosmos
212 photos

Nikon D800E
357 photos

my home
62 photos

still life
1022 photos

Flower compositions, candles and hearts
220 photos

candle light
189 photos

one as the reflection of the other
129 photos

sweet childhood memories
4 photos

fruit & vegetables
200 photos

294 photos

43 photos

light from the window
24 photos

country style
54 photos

cards for a magic Birthday
80 photos

438 photos

Like a painting: my tribut to famous painters
9 photos

Like a drawing
5 photos

new minimal Baroque style
34 photos

30 photos

the magic decorations
124 photos

"E" for Explore; "E" for Elisabetta
151 photos

23 photos

the garden of Eden
3 photos

1 photo