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User / max tuguese / Déri Museum | Debrecen | Hungary
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One of the richest cultural historical collections in Hungary can be found in the neo-baroque building of the Déri Museum. The greatest attraction of the fine art collection are the two pieces of the Mihály Munkácsy Christ Trilogy, the grandiose paintings called Calvary and Ecce Homo can be seen together here. Until December 2007 the third painting, Christ before Pilate, was also shown to the public here. This work of art will be exhibited in Canada in 2008, but the expectations are that later it can be returned to Debrecen. In front of the building of the Déri Museum the four world-famous statues of Ferenc Medgyessy can be seen, which were granted the Grand Prize of the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937. Permanent exhibitions: The history of Debrecen from the 13th century until the Reform Era, The art of Mihály Munkácsy, the Déri-collections, Birds of Our Region, World of Minerals.
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