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Max Pfandl / 39 items

92 photos
Trip to India

22 photos

Kobenzl 2013
13 photos

13 photos
Demo in Vienna agains ACTA

Winter in Tyrol (2011)
18 photos
Another holidayseason in Tyrol

Schönbrunn Weihnachtsmarkt
10 photos

Autumn Walk
26 photos
Enjoying one of the last sunny days this autumn...

13 photos
The censored pictures of a bachelor party at 1580m above the sea. This time without the 550D but only with my SGS2.

RobotRalley Vienna
9 photos
A ralley for autonome robots to find their way through the Türkenschanzpark in Vienna

8 photos

Tiergarten Schönbrunn
33 photos

67 photos
An austrian airshow in Zeltweg, Styria (http://airpower.gv.at/en/home/). Been there for only a few hours: was too cold and wanted to avoid the monstrous traffic jam on the way back to vienna. But I...

32 photos
Macroshots created with my macro-extension-rings (too greedy for a macrolens ;) )

Ruins of the Sofiensäle in Vienna
7 photos
The Sofiensaal was a concert hall and recording venue build 1826 in Vienna, Austria. It was situated on Marxergasse, in the city's third district of Landstraße. It burned down on 16 August 2001,...

Photowalk: Japanese Tourist
122 photos
A afternoon Photowalk with some friends.

Berlin 2011
21 photos

Thailand 2011
214 photos
Vacation in Thailand incl. a Trip through northern Thailand and some days at the beach in Phuket.

2 photos

53 photos

Flakturm Esterhazypark
10 photos
Some Pics from inside the Flakturm Esterhazypark (apart from the Haus des Meeres)

Haus des Meeres
19 photos
Some Pics from the Haus des Meeres in Vienna

Deserted Prater
17 photos
Most of the Attractions in the Prater are closed for the Winter so its not very surprising that it seems to be deserted.

Christmas Tyrol 2010
53 photos

Christkindlmarkt Rathaus
8 photos

Winter(wonder?)land in Vienna
54 photos

7 photos

31 photos

Canon 550D Tests
38 photos
The first test with my new 550D

Nuclear Powerplant Zwentendorf
29 photos
Pictures from a tour through the fist and only nuclear powerplant in Austria, which actually was never turned on.

47 photos

My Vienna
185 photos
Pictures from Vienna

39 photos

32 photos
Stuff I can't name a set for

14 photos
Pictures from Bulgaria

57 photos
Pictures from Tyrol

11 photos

17 photos
Some Holiday back in Egypt

20 photos

Red Sky over Tyrol
3 photos
Photos were taken without any filters and without color correction :)