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264 photos
Images which were selected and appeared in Flickr's Explore gallery: bighugelabs.com/scout.php

Frozen Bubbles
40 photos, 3 videos
the Magic of Winter

Water drop abstracts
52 photos, 1 video

151 photos
mushrooms, moss & lichen found in Ontario and Québec

1777 photos

144 photos, 3 videos

257 photos, 3 videos

Multiple exposures
1 photo
In-camera and in Post Processing double or even triple exposure images

digital illustrations
36 photos

23 photos

10 photos

83 photos
A study of different types of paper but mostly 3M Post-it notes. Entered and won my photo club's AV competition. On YouTube: youtu.be/INmyne869uc?t=5s #LumixStories

Bugs & Butterflies
439 photos, 3 videos

135 photos
they're so darned cute that they deserve their own home

261 photos, 2 videos

Smartphone composites
4 photos
every element of these composites was captured with a cell phone

162 photos

71 photos, 2 videos
some of my competition winners

Focus Rail composites
2 photos

Macro Mondays
265 photos
weekly submissions to flickr's Macro Modays group: www.flickr.com/groups/macromonday/ photo challenges

Bruce Peninsula 2020
2 photos

Gaspé 2020
27 photos, 1 video

New Mexico
19 photos, 1 video

565 photos

Nickerson Beach
16 photos

9 photos
the BIG picture

82 photos

winter magic
301 photos, 5 videos

194 photos, 1 video
images on the theme of WATER

16 photos
things to re-examine

202 photos

On Getty.com
155 photos
available for digital download in low, med, and high res: www.gettyimages.ca/Search/Search.aspx?assettype=image&amp...

4x4 squared
16 photos
because sometimes we need more than one image to tell a story

Havana 2019
18 photos

Costa Rica 2019
42 photos

Lake Louise-Vancouver 2017
61 photos

54 photos, 2 videos

Croatia 2019
35 photos

New Brunswick + Nova Scotia
22 photos
June 2019

Costa Rica
41 photos, 2 videos

Costa Rica
45 photos, 1 video

Florida 2017
40 photos

New Brunswick - Newfoundland 2016
48 photos

34 photos

2016 Desktop Calendar
11 photos

23 photos
still life for kitchen, dining room, or restaurant #LumixStories

Looking into my Crystal Ball
41 photos

Maine 2015
14 photos

86 photos, 1 video

90 photos

2013 Desktop Calendar
22 photos
You are welcome to download it, right click and "set desktop picture" on your Mac or PC.

2015 Desktop Calendar
20 photos

Sliders Sunday
266 photos

Winter Magic 2015
159 photos, 1 video

F64 Challenges
105 photos

Get Pushed
9 photos

Nature in B/W
158 photos

Night photography
12 photos

Black & White
233 photos

Architectural Abstractions
90 photos

Autumn gems
9 photos

Sunset Impressions
25 photos

Urban Landscape
296 photos

63 photos

44 photos, 1 video
This is a series of of images of the same pool directly beneath my 9th floor balcony. I plan to continue the series over the course of a full year: June 2010 - 2011.

2014 Desktop Screensaver Calendar
19 photos

Gaspé 2013
19 photos, 1 video

60 photos

Poland 2013
45 photos

Istanbul 2010
84 photos

West Coast
95 photos
shot on location in Alberta and British Columbia in Aug. 2010

Florida 2010
179 photos

found treasures
33 photos
discarded objects - found to be treasures

painting with my camera
122 photos
play it in the slideshow mode, enjoy!

Reflect on this!
234 photos
reflections in water, pavement, glass, any reflective surface BUT mirrors!

9 photos, 1 video

Macro Abstracts
325 photos
weird and wonderful abstracts on a small scale that deliver a big puch

Spring 2012
33 photos

382 photos, 2 videos

Winter 2012
49 photos

Winter 2011-2012
67 photos

WINTER 2009-10
160 photos
Winter solitude - in a world of one color the sound of wind. by Matsuo Basho

Winter 2009
236 photos
a new year = a new start to a new life

Tipsy Tuesdays
33 photos
shooting drinks is so much fun!!!

Cliché Saturday
60 photos
pushing the envelope of some mundane cliché shots

128 photos, 1 video
Bokelicious images of all kinds

Skies & Reflections
136 photos

mobile photos
3 photos

Summer 2011
31 photos

Spring 2011
50 photos

Summer 2010
95 photos

Spring 2010
130 photos
Spring in and around the island of Montreal, Canada. Copyright Marianna Armata. All rights reserved.

19 photos
collages assembled from exclusively my own photographs

NIGHT life
35 photos
fireworks & other night shots

Canada Day 2010
16 photos
Canada's 143rd birthday was celebrated with festivities across the country. These are picts I took today at a local fair in Montreal.

Spectacular colours
66 photos
snippets of fall colours in all their magnificent glory

Southern Ontario Countryside
21 photos
landscapes from around Guelph-Orangeville area

Montreal Jazz Festival 2009
35 photos

Canada Day 2009
14 photos
All of these shots were taken at a local fair in Pierrefonds, QC, during festivities celebrating Canada's 142 Birthday.

5 photos

Classic British Car Show: Hudson, Quebec 2010
35 photos
part of the Austin Healy Club of Montreal's website photo gallery: www.austinhealeyquebec.com/diapo/photos 2010/HUDSON MAI 2010/index2.html

Quirky picts
5 photos
everyday occurances that need that second look because they somehow seem odd and quirky

40 photos
My collection of photos featuring sequential letters of the alphabet from A-Z found on Hydro Poles around the Montreal area. Missing L-U-V ... help me find them?

Complicated Shadows
41 photos