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Northern Lights 2015 St. Patrick's Day/Night
35 photos
Wanted to show the progression of the night. They started early, and we photographed them in two different locations. The first was Hazlewood, where they were streaking and dancing to the tune of...

Live From The Rock 2014
207 photos

Live From the Rock 2013
244 photos

Live From The Rock Folk Festival 2012
146 photos

Live From The Rock Folk Festival 2011
254 photos

Northern Lights March 2011
32 photos
A delightful excursion in search of the night lights.

The Sleeping Giant Folk Music Society
949 photos
A collection of artists that have been sharing their music with the people of Thunder Bay

Silver Islet January 2011
33 photos
An outing with Victoria to meet several other local photographers.

Live From The Rock Folk Festival 2010
397 photos
more to come

Silver Islet Weather Bomb
15 photos
This was an exciting day spent with two good photographer friends, where we experienced some wild weather...it was deafening and cold, to sit, but so worthwhile.

Fun on Ice
37 photos
We, here in Thunder Bay, were treated to having the Ice Races here, because of the ice conditions.

Stateside 2010
5 photos

a winter paddle
16 photos

2009 " Live From The Rock" Red Rock Folk Festival...
293 photos
It just keeps getting better

The Wolves of Ely Minnesota
69 photos
It was with mixed feeling, that I photographed these magnificent creatures. I was bothered by their confinement, but I was awed at the opportunity to get so close. There is no way, I can show you...

Red Rock Folk Festival 2008
624 photos
Here are the first of many ... I will get up more as I get them edited. Another great weekend!

more like art
11 photos

split rock trip
12 photos

Red Rock, Ontario
94 photos
Red Rock, is a small town, surrounded by cliffs on the backside, and Lake Superior at it's front door. Walks, down by the lakefront, through the park and the marina, are a common activity shared...

Pioneer Village
29 photos
A wonderful journey back in time. It is an amazing collection and display of the various elements of our history.

Hollow Rock 08
15 photos
A couple of days with several other photographers, in very cold temperatures, capturing some wonderful images of the rugged north shore of Lake Superior. We learn so much from each other, as we are...

Red Rock Folk Festival 2007
429 photos
A weekend, where people come, to escape into an experience, that we all share, and love, and it just keeps us coming back for more. The harmony of the people, the beautiful surroundings, and the...

34 photos
I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a photography workshop, because of an Ontario Arts Council grant I received. It was called "The Gales of November"...Held at just one of the...

up to atikokan and past
26 photos
A wonderful trip with jean for the fall colours. We couldn't go a mile, without having to stop and get out the cameras. It took us all day to go what should have taken us a couple of hours.

Sleeping Giant
12 photos
A collection of photos of the Sleeping Giant "Nanabijoux

Victoria and her new rubber ball
8 photos
Although we had missed the kite festival, she was quite happy trying to master the new rubber ball I had bought her.

Highschool Reunion
47 photos

Red Rock Folk Festival 2006
810 photos
This festival takes place on the north shore of Lake Superior, in the beautiful hamlet of Red Rock, Ontario. Since it's conception, it has attracted some of the best musicians travelling around on...

the entertainers
273 photos
Various musicians, at local festivals

The Six String Nation Guitar
151 photos
for more information you can check out their site at www.sixstringnation.com/

flickr meet
32 photos
A Thunder Bay Group Flickr Meet

75 photos
Photographing weddings, has turned out for me, to be one of the most rewarding experiences one could hope to have. You are involved in a most intimate time of a couples life. It is an honour, to be...

Kama and Mazookama fun
95 photos

Hollow Rock
30 photos

the eagles swim
10 photos
Learned this day, that the eagle does a very nice butterfly stroke.

11 photos

Sliding at Centennial
32 photos
A fun family day was had by all

flora fauna
51 photos

victoria's first soccer game of the season
48 photos

Easter Monday trek with the girls
58 photos
It was a great day...we got lost...but we had a great time exploring and eating our picnic lunch.

people of all sorts
193 photos

photo club
5 photos

March Break with Vicky,Greg and Sarah
37 photos

the Italian sessions
4 photos
rita chiarelli goes back to her roots

Squaw Bay
15 photos

Carrie's Baby Shower
60 photos

swimming with victoria
22 photos
swimming lessons

gregs bday mosaic
21 photos

@ The Appollo with Jack and Lynda
127 photos
A farewell party with a variety of musicians, that gathered to say goodbye to one of the best bass players I have had the good luck of knowing. Winnipeg, will benefit from Thunder Bay's loss

Silver Islet
5 photos

Around town "Thunder Bay"
44 photos

Oh dear deer deer
100 photos
the mission island deer

moms art
1 photo
this is a collection of my mothers paintings. I hope to add to it as I find other pieces

waters {still and flowing}
67 photos

odds and sods
108 photos

Ice and snow
67 photos
cool shots

first pictures with my new camera
72 photos
It was a beautiful morning, with some wonderful shots

44 photos

buildings and shacks
62 photos

birds and animals
195 photos

330 photos
beautiful places I have been

136 photos
a collection of vessels